10 Best Belgian Waffle Toppings Ideas

Having waffles for breakfast is a treat but having them without toppings is a crime, especially if it is Belgian waffles for breakfast. The deep pockets of the Belgian waffles are for the sole purpose of loading them with delicious syrups.

Eating plain waffles is like having toasted bread with only the crispy and crunchy outside texture. You can add flavor to the mix to make your waffles tasty, but it will be plain boring. There are popular Belgian waffle toppings that you can add. If you are creative, you can mix and match different toppings or try something new.

10 Best Belgian Waffle Toppings – Sweet And Savory

Best Belgian Waffle Toppings

Waffle toppings do not have to be sweet. If you are in the mood to have something spicy for breakfast, you can top your waffles with a healthy savory option.


Honey is a traditional topping served independently or drizzled over other toppings such as fruits. Honey is my go-to topping. It is a natural sweetener and has nutritional benefits. There are different types of honey you can use. I love to fill all of the pockets of the Belgian waffle. The pool of honey in every waffle pocket makes my day.

Peanut butter and jelly

Peanut butter and jelly are a great combination. Both of the flavors combine to provide a sweet and partly saltish taste. You can make a delicious peanut butter and jelly waffle sandwich. However, I would recommend enjoying it with a single waffle, spreading the peanut butter and jelly on the top.

Chocolate Spread

Chocolate spread is a crowd-pleaser relished by kids and adults. You can go with a simple chocolate flavor or a combination of chocolate and hazelnut. If you have the recipe and cooking skills, you can add Nutella in the waffle batter to make Nutella waffles. Top it with more chocolate to make your waffles really chocolatey.

Chocolate and strawberry syrup

Chocolate and strawberry syrups are not far behind and are one of the favorite, obvious choices for toppings. Chocolate and strawberry syrups go with everything. I drizzle my favored syrup on the waffles and cover every pocket. I also spread it on the plate to dip the waffles in it for extra flavor.


Waffles need to have some topping because you can’t eat a plain waffle. If I don’t have anything to use as a topping, I grab my favorite jam and spread it on the waffle, and enjoy it with a cup of tea.

Ice cream

Ice cream is the king of toppings. Whenever I have ice cream, I don’t go for any other topping except chocolate or strawberry syrup. A single scoop of ice cream is not enough for a Belgian waffle. I eat more ice cream than waffles and I add at least two to three scoops making sure that the entire waffle gets covered with a mountain of ice cream.

Mix fruits and honey

If you are going for a healthy option, go with mixed fruits and honey. Pecans are used a lot as a topping, and so are blueberries and strawberries. Along with fruits, you need to add honey for more flavor, otherwise, every bite is tasteless unless you have thrown in plenty of fruits.


Cheese is one of my absolute favorite toppings. A layer of melted cheese that has beautifully covered the entire waffle is enough to relish Belgian waffles for breakfast. You can make the waffles into a cheese sandwich and toss in some salt, pepper, and red chilies for taste.

Cheese Omelet

A cheese omelet is one of my favorite toppings in a Belgian waffle. The omelet is not filled with just the cheese but also sausages, olives, and mushrooms. Now, this is a healthy breakfast. Imagine biting into a waffle omelet, and the first taste you sense is the cheese along with the sausages, olives, and mushroom, each having its flavor. As you keep chewing, you reach the waffle, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Just thinking about it is mouth-watering.

Fried egg with salt and pepper

If a waffle cheese omelet is not your special breakfast, you can go fried egg. The fried egg will be sitting on top of your Belgian waffle. The egg yolk will serve as a sauce that you can spread on your waffle. Don’t sprinkle too much salt and pepper as

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