Bella Waffle Maker Review (Updated 2023)

For a reasonable price starting from $40, you can buy a Bella waffle maker and cook restaurant-quality waffles right at home. If you are in luck, you can get one on sale. Don’t waste any time and grab it from the shelves before it’s out of stock.

In my opinion, the Bella waffle maker is a great choice. It flips for even cooking and browning, has control functions, a drip tray, and the iron plates are non-stick. With this kitchen appliance making waffles is very easy. The Belgian-style waffles with deep pockets are great for making pools of syrups.

Bella Waffle Maker Reviews

All about the Bella Waffle Maker

The standard features are present in almost every waffle maker. But what makes the Bella waffle maker stand out is the exterior, interior, and extraordinary features all packed in this waffle maker at an affordable price.

One thing is for sure, you don’t need to worry about the waffles going cold because you can make a hefty batch in just a few minutes.

The Bella rotating waffle maker review

The best Bella rotating waffle maker is an affordable kitchen appliance that offers a variety of features.

Exterior Things

If you examine the waffle maker’s exterior, the noticeable parts will catch your attention at first glance.

Stainless steel body

Available in a beautiful black color, the stainless steel body is durable and is easy to clean with a single swipe of a cloth. So, cleaning and maintaining the waffle maker is hassle-free.

Rotatory function

The really cool thing about the Bella waffle maker is the rotatory function. You can rotate it to 180 degrees to cook the waffles evenly on both sides. Both of the sides are perfectly cooked with a similar crispy brown color.

Drip tray

The drip tray is a nice touch. The tray is removable and dishwasher-friendly. It will catch the overflowing waffle batter, ensuring that your kitchen counter remains spotless.

Cool to touch handle

The handle is cool to the touch. You can open the lid of the preheated waffle maker and rotate it without any fear of burning your hand.

Light indicator

The Bella waffle maker has a light indicator, letting you know when the waffles are ready. So, there is no need to open the lid of the waffler maker to have a glance at your waffles. The lights are there to help you out.

Browning function

There is a knob at the top, right below the light indicators, which let you set how brown you want your waffles to come out.

Interior Things

If the Bella waffle maker has got your attention, no doubt, your subsequent examination will be of the waffle plates.

Non-stick iron plates

The non-stick iron plates are really non-stick and work like a charm. The waffles come out with ease. There is no need to arm yourself with handy kitchen appliances that will aid you in peeling the waffles out of the waffle maker.

Deep Pockets

The Bella waffler maker plates have deep pockets, perfect for making 1″ thick Belgian waffles. An exceptional waffle maker for Belgian waffle fans.

Other awesome features

Okay, so the interior only consists of the iron plates. That is the only part of the internal system worth noting. Apart from the exterior and interior, here are some other awesome features that make with the Bella waffler.

High powered heating system

The cooking time is extremely decreased compared to its competitors. The company swears that with the high-powered 1000 watt heating system installed, you can cook up to 4 waffles in 10 minutes. Even though the size of the waffle is a bit small, the super-fast cooking time overpowers the dimensions of the waffles considerably.

Dual lighting system

The Bella waffle maker has a dual lighting system on both sides. So, you don’t have to rotate your waffles back and forth to see the status of the light.

Adjustable Brown control

It also comes with an adjustable browning control function that operates the same way as a toaster. If you fancy a dark brown waffle, rotate the knob all the way from light to dark setting.

Bella rotating waffle maker PROS

If you are looking for a quick overview of why the Bella waffle maker is the best, here are advantages:

  • Stainless steel body, durable and easy to maintain
  • Browning control function
  • The rotatory function allows to cook waffles evenly
  • Cool to touch handle
  • Removable drip tray
  • High powered heating system
  • Non-stick iron plates
  • Dual light indicator
  • Makes Belgian waffles

Bella rotating waffle maker CONS

The pros outweigh the cons considerably. However, there are a few complaints by customers that you may face.

  • The iron plates are not removable, but if you clean them regularly, then it will not be a problem
  • The light indicators are not reliable, and you may have to check your waffles.
  • There is no timer or beeping sound to alert you that the waffles are ready.
  • When you flip it, the waffler maker does not lock, and you may have to hold it to keep it in position.

Bella waffle maker instructions

If it is your first time using this appliance or making waffles make sure that you read the manual. You will get an overview of how to use the waffle maker efficiently.

The iron plates are non-stick, but you can lightly brush the waffle plates with oil or use a slab of butter. You can also add a fatty ingredient to your waffle batter to ensure that it does not stick.

Make sure the waffle maker is preheated before you pour in the batter. If your waffles don’t come out crispy and fluffy in the first few attempts, don’t throw your hands up in dismay. You just need a bit of practice and perfect your waffle cooking technique.

Wrapping out

The Bella waffle maker is not a bad bargain, and you cannot label it as an “okay purchase” product. It may not be what you’re looking for but let’s be honest, you can’t find a perfect ceramic waffle maker, especially one with an amazing price.

This is a quality waffle maker with great features and functions, perfect for cooking Belgian restaurant-quality waffles at home.

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