Top 4 Best Food Mill 2023 (Updated Buying Guide)

Have you tried out your granny’s yummy homemade jam, but did not come out that much good? Did you use the best food mill that she owns? Or, you just used your blender? It would be best to use a food mill over an immersion blender or food processor because it removes seeds, skins, and pits. 

With this tool, you are not only confined to jams. You can try soups, sauces, puree, and so on without wasting a lot of time and effort. You can do ricing, straining, mashing, and grating with interchangeable discs and blades.

This gadget has been famous for many years. 

Best food mill reviews

Again, various technological advancements have been done too. So, choosing the right one depends on your requirements. We are here as usual with the reviews to let you know which one is perfect for applesauce or tomatoes. 

We can’t get over how comfortable and easy to use all of these tools! Let’s have a look at our top recommended at a glance:

What Is A Food Mill?

A food mill is a kitchen utensil used for pureeing or sieving soft foods. This utensil is equipped with three components: a bottomless bowl, perforated discs of different sizes, and a crank attached to a bent metal blade. 

To assemble, you need to place the disc in the bottom. The crank comes at the top. Line it up with the hole in the base to insert it.  Finally, pushing it down on the middle bar will secure it under the notches on the side.

When you turn the crank, the food crushes down into the disc. It strains the food to the receiving bowl placed under the tool through the holes. The seeds and skins get strained in the holes, and you can produce a smooth puree without seeds or skins.

However, you can reverse the direction of the crank when it’s necessary.  Different sized discs allow you to get a finer or coarser puree.

My Recommended Best Food Mill

ObservationProduct ImageProducts featuresBuy
(Best Overall)
Stainless Steel Food Mill FLOTTE LOTTE by GEFU• 18/10 stainless steel material
• Bowl Capacity - 2 quartz
• Interchangeable perforated grinding Discs - 2 discs (2mm and 3mm)
• Blade: Semi-circular
• Dishwasher safe
Check Price
Küchenprofi Professional
(Runner's up)
Küchenprofi Professional Stainless Steel Food Mill• 18/10 stainless steel construction
• Four interchangeable discs(1.3mm, 2.5mm, 3mm. 5mm)
• Manual tool
• Bowl Capacity - 2 quartz
• Easy-turning hand crank
• Measures 8-inch diameter
• Dishwasher safe
• Blade - Circular 
Check Price
Mirro 50024 Foley 
(Best Budget)
Mirro 50024 Foley • Stainless steel material
• Bowl Capacity - 2 and 3.5 quartz
• Grinding Discs - 1 disc (2mm)
• Blade - Semi-circular
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Best Overall: FLOTTE LOTTE by GEFU

Stainless Steel Food Mill FLOTTE LOTTE by GEFU

Key Features

18/10 stainless steel material
Bowl Capacity – 2 quartz 
Interchangeable perforated grinding Discs – 2 discs (2mm and 3mm)
Blade: Semi-circular 
Dishwasher safe

For the busy homemakers, the FLOTTE LOTTE by GEFU is the well-designed model they will ever need. The stainless steel body is compatible with hot and cold foods. You can do the cleaning without much hassle, and there will be no stains from vegetables like tomatoes or beets. All of these lucrative features have made it our top pick.

First of all, this elegantly designed tool will mash all the components which will come on its way. The tool comes with two different milling discs for the exact texture you want: smooth or chunky. You can make a puree of around 2-quart quantity in a single batch. 

Two main aspects have made it stand out from others – A vertical plate and the pulp scraper.  It is a breeze to assemble and disassemble the parts. It is undoubtedly perfect food mill for mashed potatoes as it makes creamy texture that you are looking for in your mashed potato recipe. 

This mill will efficiently remove all the unnecessary pulp and the seeds without leaving a lot of flesh. The ground-breaking scraper can automatically separate the skin and seeds. Gefu will last long and no chipping, no staining, no discoloration.  

So, is this the Best Bet?

Undoubtedly the best of the best! If you want a tool to work comfortably, you should have this one in no time. This is perfect for applesauce or soup or puree.

+ Great pulp scraping feature. 
+ Leaves little waste
+ Compact construction
+ Long comfortable lever
+ Vertical plate quickens the pureeing 
+ Sturdy and spacious
+ Very easy to assemble and dismantle 
+ Easy to clean
+ Dishwasher safe
- A bit costly.
- Not for coarse puree 

Summary: The FLOTTE LOTTE flaunts its ergonomic design and durability. The large capacity is a cherry on top. Last but not least, a 25-year warranty safeguards your investment.

Runner’s up: Küchenprofi Professional

Küchenprofi Professional Stainless Steel Food Mill

Key Features

18/10 stainless steel construction
Four interchangeable discs
 Bowl Capacity – 2 quartz
Easy-turning hand crank
 Measures 8-inch diameter
Dishwasher safe
• Pulp container capacity: 2.6
Blade – Circular 

From pureeing berries to preparing baby foods, the Kuchenprofi has got you covered. This stainless steel bowl is rust-resistant, and your milling operation is guaranteed to be a breeze and non-reactive with the food. This one is the tool that you can rely on for long-term services.

This 2-quart machine has come with four graduating discs that allow multi-purpose uses. So, use the right disc to get a perfect consistency. This one is so perfect for canning, and it cuts down the hassle of clogging, cleaning and jamming. 

Since the tool is manual, ergonomics is essential. And so, this model is furnished with a long handle for leverage. And the easy turn hand crank is there for quick, convenient, and easy milling. The cross-bar avoids falling out while doing the job. You will extrude a smooth puree and leave most of the skins and seeds behind in the hopper. 

To top it all off, the cleaning is a cinch. And the intresting part is that this model is dishwasher safe. 

Why is this the Runner’s Up?

You will be thrilled with the way your purees and sauces turn out. The model is a bang for your bucks. However, there have been some complaints about its design like non-slip handles, hooks. And these simple issues you won’t find in our top pick. And that’s why the Kuchenprofi is our runner’s up. 

+ Durable construction 
+ Dishwasher safe
+ Easy to use crank
+ Good price-to-quality ratio
+ Available in different sizes
+ Multi-purpose usage
+ Reliable design. 
+ Best for tomatoes /br>
- Some issues with the handles.

Summary: When you have this versatile tool, you can make anything your heart desires. You also don’t need to worry about breaking down your tool. Finally, now you don’t have to look further for choosing an ideal tool without draining your pocket. 

Best Budget: Mirro 50024 Foley

Mirro 50024 Foley 

Key Features

Stainless steel material
Bowl Capacity – 2 and 3.5 quartz
Grinding Discs – 1 disc (2mm)
Blade – Semi-circular 

When you have your first glance at the Mirro 50024, and check out its features, you will definitely want to bring this budget mill into your home.

Right off the onset, this one speaks of durability for stainless steel. The crank mechanism is easy to turn. It will deliver smooth paste, like the expensive models. If you take proper maintenance, it will cater to your needs for years. 

A tip: It would be better if you did hand wash the tools for looking good over the long haul. 

You won’t have to follow various instructions to operate this gadget. Thanks to its easy configuration. This tool comes with a plastic knob and stainless steel crank. The sieve disc and blade come preassembled. 

Since it has a two-quart capacity, it is quite spacious. This one is multifunctional as you can effectively mash, grate, rice, and strain your foods.

Is this the Best Budget?

Yes. You will not find any other model in this price tag that will blend seamlessly into any kitchen. If you avoid harsh usage, this will be a great choice for your day to day use.

+ Affordable  
+ Durable 
+ Suitable for hot foods
+ Comfortable knob for rotation
+ Good for first-time users. 
+ Dishwasher safe
+ Works great for mashing, grating, ricing, and straining food. 
+ Rust and corrosion-resistant. < /br>
- The handle is uncomfortable to grip.
- Comes with one disc

If you want a model with a comfy handle and ergonomic design with investing more pennies, you can have a look at Cuisinart Stainless food mill, Silver.

Summary: When the amateur millers are looking for an easy to use, easy to clean tool at a reasonable price, they can have it without any doubt.

Best for Baby Food: Green sprouts Fresh

Best for Baby Food Green sprouts Fresh Baby 

Key Features

BPA free and PVC free plastic
Separates seeds & skins from puree
 Built-in serving bowl
Convenient for small batches and on the go
no batteries or electricity needed

When you want a handy portable tool for your baby food, the Green Sprouts is here to rescue you. This one is the best baby food mill for the money for your on-the-go lifestyle. 

Right off the bat, its skinny configuration and lightweight aspect will catch your attention. It features a built-in 8-ounce serving bowl. So, it is appropriate for a small family with one kid. 

Since it is a manual tool, you don’t have to wrestle with the wires or don’t have to face any hassle of batteries. You just only need to give the effort while turning the handle towards clockwise. 

The Green Sprouts is quite safe as it uses non-toxic materials like food-safe polypropylene and stainless steel. 

A tip: Do not add hot food to the bowl.

Lastly, the cleaning is effortless, and this model is also dishwasher safe. 

Is this surely best for the babies?

Undoubtedly! The workaholic moms who want to serve fresh one-meal food quickly to her kid, this one is the perfect all-in-one device. 

+ Portable and small 
+ Easy to clean
+ Convenient for small batches and on the go
+ Affordable
+ Free from BPA and PVC 
+ Durable
- Grind small quantities, and the blade is dull.

Summary: When looking for a no-fancy yet sturdy mill at a low cost, the Green Sprouts food maker should be on your list. The compact, easy to clean, and easy to store tool is always ready to bring with you on the go. 

Best Premium: Rösle Passetout with 2 Disks

Best Premium Rösle Food Mill Passetout with 2 Disks

Key Features

9.4-inch diameter
Three supports lower on the base
One-piece construction turning knob design
Comes with two disks; 0.04 in. and 0.1 in.
Rosle offers a lifetime warranty

If you want to splurge in an upgraded food mill, bring home the beauty from Rosle. Its gleaming exterior is a hint of what sets it apart from the low priced models.

The exemplary configuration is more than skin deep. There is no chance of welding seams for food to get clogged. This single-piece construction is quite spacious. 

The crank moves smoothly without much ado. Since there is a small space between the blade and the sieve, it reduces the manual effort. 

This sturdy gadget features two discs – one is 3mm, and another one is 1mm. 

It works efficiently with the tiniest seeds – so this one could be ideal for raspberries without any doubt. You can strain and puree foods into tomato sauce, fruit jams, applesauce, and more. And the base allows you to position it securely. 

The parts snap together with minimal effort. So, the assembly is a cinch. It is convenient to store. 

Now grab your food and push it through the perforated plate and have the maximum yield. 

+ Quite stable for the three support  
+ Reliable for long-term use
+ Quite Versatile and efficient milling
+ Lifetime warranty safeguarding your investment
+ Easy user-interface  
+ Ergonomic knob for easy rotation
- Costly.

Summary: This Rosle food mill is actually the Cadillac of food mills. This will bear all the wear and tear of all pureeing project with utmost joy. The sleek design and rugged configuration have made it our premium choice. 

A Note: Albeit it is a bit pricey, you are gifting yourself a high-quality material. If you want to enjoy the features within a low price than this one, you can have a look at the Cuisipro food mill – Cuisipro Deluxe.

Things To Check Before Getting One (Buying Guide)

food mill buying guide

The food mill is something that we use may be several times a year. For this reason, you will need a model that lasts longer and is made of sturdy material. To find out the best one in the market, you will need to consider a few features. These include:


A food mill for home use usually comes with a capacity of 2-3 quarts while larger ones with 3-4 quarts at most. The model you are looking for should not allow food to accumulate on its blade. This will cause it to disrupt the movement of the blade. 

It should also let the milling to be done within a single batch and avoid multiple. A normal device usually comes with a diameter of 10-16 inches. This size is large enough for the food to be stored as well as the blade to spin easily.


The device is usually made of materials such as plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. In this case, you might want to know which material should you buy. Then, we prefer you use a stainless steel model. It is easy to clean and the most durable one in the pack. However, it is quite expensive. 

Now, if you are looking for something cheaper but of great quality, then we prefer that you use a combination model. A model with a plastic and stainless steel material will be perfect. It does the same absolute function as its expensive counterpart but at a low price. In this case, make sure the plastic is of great quality that does not flex too much.


The blade is the most important part. It should be either circular or semi-circular with a gentle slope. If the slope is too high, the items will accumulate at the blade’s back, and the food will not be mashed properly. 

However, you must make sure that there is a height between the bottom and the blade. This will let the food fall there and collect it temporarily.


Scrappers are used to scraping out the clogged items inside the blade region. It is typically made of either plastic or metal. You can find it at the bottom of the disc. However, it is more often available in the older prototypes rather than the new ones.


When you are looking for a food mill, look for one with multiple bottoms or discs. Usually, it does come with two or three discs for variation. The reviews of satisfied customers advise this frequently. 

Now, these bottoms come with different opening sizes that make a change in milling. An opening with 1mm to 5mm is perfect for smashing the items more coarsely. If you are thinking of juicing fruits, choose a disc with a very small sieve to remove the seeds. For this reason, there is a dome-shaped sieve for blending.

Holding ability:

The right texture of a disc is required to get a good grip on the food. This lets the machine to paste the food easily. For this reason, a disc with a rough texture is more appreciated, and the food is milled nicely.

Why Do You Need One For Your Home?

This device is really a handy tool that you can have in your kitchen. The good thing about the tools is they can both crush the food and work as a strainer. It’s an enormous machine for pureeing food and strain seeds, skin, and fiber from it. So, you can easily make tomato sauce, applesauce, pureed sauce, or mash potatoes. 

Moreover, it comes with different perforated discs that have different sized holes to strain seeds. As such: tomatoes have small seeds. So you can use the disc with a small hole while making tomato sauce, and the medium-sized when you’re mashing potatoes. It just expands its conveniences.

This machine is also a handy one to make jam. You can use more of the fruits compared to using a sieve for straining.

Which Is Better Potato Ricer or Food Mill?

If we compare potato ricer or food mill, the factors depend on what you want. But here we can provide you with some comparisons of these two from different aspects.

A potato ricer is a small kitchen appliance. You can easily handle it and keep it in your kitchen drawer. It is small and easy to clean. But a food mill is bulky, big, and more expensive, and the small one is very difficult to handle.

A potato ricer, as the name suggests, can only smash the fluffiest potato. In comparison, the other one can do both purees and strain soft vegetables. It can also remove seeds and skins. 

The hopper of potato ricer cannot handle the flesh of more than one potato at a time. So it’s not appropriate to serve for an occasion type event. It is well for day to day family uses.

So, if you want well-smashed potatoes for daily routine, go for a potato ricer. But if you need a kitchen appliance which will give you smashed soupy purees and vegetables for the occasion or daily use, go for a food mill.

How To Maintain?

Maintaining a food mill is not as hard as you think. Usually, when you buy a model, you need to assemble it. Some of them will provide you with an instruction model while some won’t. These might take a little effort to set up. 

Dismantling it could take a lot of time as well. So, it is better to buy one which can be assembled easily. Because you will need to disassemble it to clean it, this will allow you to take out the overall dirt and food accumulated in the blade. 

Some models you might pick may come with a dishwasher-friendly feature. You can put it in the dishwasher and let it clean the device. 

Now, to store the machine, you must remember that it should not occupy too much space in the cabinet. It must be of a portable size to fit in the small storage of your kitchen. 

On the other hand, some will come with hooks to put it up for hanging while you might not use it. You can pile the discs on top of each other while storing it as well. It will help you to save space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a food mill remove raspberry seeds?

Yes, they can remove raspberry seeds. You can get your raspberry jam very quickly with this device. Moreover, you won’t have to face the hassle of separating the seeds. 

What can I use instead of a food mill?

There are some alternatives to this necessary kitchen tool. 

Food Processor: Its blades can turn your food to puree with a good texture. But you have to give some extra effort for separating the seed and skin.  

Blender: Blender also works the same as the food processor. You’ve to remove the seeds and skins before mashing.

Wooden Spoon And Strainer: This duo of wooden spoon and strainer not only puree your food but also separate the seed and skin.

Potato Ricer: Potato ricers are a great alternative for mashing potatoes.

 Which one is the best mill to buy?

The GEFU FLOTTE LOTTEis our best to buy for its elegant design, outstanding output, and user-friendly features. It is effortless to assemble and dismantle the parts, and there is always maximum yield by leaving little waste. It will deliver creamy sauces that you will love to have. 

What is a food mill good for?

A food mill can rescue you from making thick, gloopy, or inconsistent, lumpy mashed potatoes. You can feed your child the homemade baby food by using this tool. The homemakers can make pasta sauce, hummus, dips, soups, purees, and so on by using this device. So, this is a day to day use gadget. 


Are you on your way to hunt the best food mill? We recommend you to check all your requirements before buying this home tool. Please go through our list for your ease. Choose one model according to your preference. Your tool should process the foods thoroughly without much scraping the bowl. 

We hope now you are going to find the perfct one for you from our list. And now you will not end up with chunky bits and seeds of berries in your foods! 

Cannot wait to have hummus! 

Happy milling!

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