Top 5 Best Grain Mill Review 2023 (Recommended)

Ever wondered why the countryside bread tastes fresher than your home-baked ones? Their hand-made ingredients are the ‘secret’ behind their creation. If you want to ameliorate the taste of your recipes, you have to hand-pick each ingredient.

When it comes to baking bread, store-bought flour can serve you with your desired consistency. That’s when you feel the need for the best grain mill. A top-notch graining mill lets you enjoy some exquisite pastries without spending tons in the bakery shop nearby. You can also grind some ingredients in an emergency.

But how to know which grinding mill is the best? In this article, I’ve chronicled some cream of the crop grinding mills.

best grain mill

Why Should You Get A Grain Mill And Which One Is Best?

Do your difficulties in life make you forget about loving? Cool! I am here to attenuate your difficulties and to let your long-cherished loving emotion back in life. What if you start your day making breakfast very easily? Wouldn’t it be smart? Yes!

A Grain Mill will hover you to the world of fresh whole grain flour. The taste you will take from this will remind you of the premium whole grain flour that you purchase from the store regularly. You cannot only get health benefits from it but also can save your huge amount of money.

If you’re searching for a higher horsepower grain mill with a lower price level, then Nutrimill Grain Mill would be your best option. You can operate it very smoothly. Plus, this awesomesauce ca process more than 5 cups of grain per minute. The stainless-steel body will help you to make super fine flour for your home desserts.

 Top Recommended Best Grain Mill Comparison

ObservationProduct ImageProducts featuresBuy
WonderMill Powerful
(Best Electric)
Electric Grain Grinder Mill by Wondermill• 1,250-watt LG motor
• Features cyclo-canister and filtration tube
• Stainless-steel fins
• 3 knob settings
Check Price
Roots & Branches
(Best Manual)
Roots & Branches Deluxe Grain Mill• Includes sturdy clamp
• Adjustable front dial
• Optional motor
• Removable head crank
Check Price
Country Living
(Best Hand Mill)
Country Living Hand Grain Mill • Best hand operated mill
• Features V-flywheel
• Cast metal alloy frame
• 7" long handle
Check Price
Victoria Cast Iron
(Best Budget)
Breville BJE200XL Compact Fountain• Cast Iron body
• Shielding non-slip rubber.
• Massive batch processing
• Grinding disk cover
Check Price

WonderMill Powerful Electric Grinder

Electric Grain Grinder Mill by Wondermill

Key Features

1,250-watt LG motor
Features cyclo-canister and filtration tube
Stainless-steel fins
3 knob settings


If you’re looking for the best electric grain mill, put your hands on WonderMill Powerful Electric Grinder. Unlike other mainstream mill grinder, it won’t take you long to operate. You won’t have to lose nutrients from your delicacies due to overheating if you use this masterpiece. 

There are 3 setting options in this electric grinder. You can grind your flour for different recipes. There are pastry, bread, and coarse buttons that let you grind in variations.

Enjoying quiet and sound operation in a heavy-duty grind mill is longer a bridge too far. WonderMill has manufactured a grind miller that’ll blow your mind. 

Unlike other electric grind mill grinders, this awesomesauce doesn’t produce a lot of dust. It brings out finer than ever flour with minimum dust. WonderMill Grinder consists of 5 parts only and has no complicated button that can confuse you. You can function it spontaneously for 10 hours, and it’ll still not heat up. Now grind over 100 Lbs in an hour without any hassle. 

The machine may seem way too noisy before you fill the hopper after switching it on. But once you fill it, you won’t feel disturbed anymore. No wonder why it’s the perfect for gluten-free!

+ Maximum capacity and longevity
+ Heavy-duty 
+ Easy-to-clean 
+ Noise-free operation
- A similar consistency in each grinding mode

Summary: If you have no intention to get yourself a new grinder every year, you can bring home the Wondermill electric grain grind miller. That’s probably the most talked-about electric grinders in the town. You won’t regret it once if you spend your riches on this boon. Wondermill has never failed to amaze its purchasers. You won’t be disappointed. 

Roots & Branches Deluxe Manual

Roots & Branches Deluxe Grain Mill

Key Features

Includes sturdy clamp
Adjustable front dial
Optional motor  
Removable head crank

When it comes to manual grinders, I feel like they’re very tiring. If you’re looking for a top-grade home mill, there’s nothing like Roots & Branches deluxe. The best thing about this appliance is, you can add an electric motor with it. 

Some customers have exclaimed that this grain mill is very slow and takes too much time to grind. In that case, you can use an optional motor with it. The motor attached to it will take a moment to get your job done. 

This one is powered by Roots Branches lets you customize the consistency. So, the next time you have to make some emergency preparations for a guest, this masterpiece is going to be your buddy. 

Be it wheat, barley, or any other dry hard grain; this powerful mill can powder them all. It’s ideal for rice flour. Now grinding up to 4-1/2 cups of grain is as easy a pie for you. The most amazing fact about this graining mill is you can attach an optional motor (VKP1024-M2) in it. Mounting clamp safely attaches to stable facets that are 1/2 inch to 2 inches thick. 

+ Offer multiple consistencies
+ Massive capacity 
+ Features an optional motor
+ Customizable knob
- Slow operation

Summary: If you’re someone who admires country-life and old-school stuff, this might be the right thing for you. When it comes to products, Root & branches never disappoints its customers. This wheat grinder will manage to please you with some superior performance as well. 

Country Living Hand

Country Living Hand Grain Mill 

Key Features

• Hand operated mill
Features V-flywheel
Cast metal alloy frame
7″ long handle

If you’re someone who loves things a bit old school, a country living hand grain mill is the right choice for you. This hand-grinding mill will meet every need of yours. This is so astonishing that your children will also love it!

Some of the customers search for a power bar with it. Even though the brand doesn’t offer any power bar with it, you can buy it separately. This grinding mill is anyway super-durable to work with.  

Acquiring such an astounding hand grain mill is going to be a reward for yourself. Now you can grind your wheat by yourself, at home. Tasting some fresh smell of finely-ground flour no longer costs a ton. Someone interested in making their bread for scratch should try this masterpiece. 

Even if it costs you a little extra, it’s worth paying for a mill that can meet your needs.As it’s crafted with top-coat aluminum, it ensures quality and slenderness at the same time. 

No matter if you want to crack grain or prepare cake flour, it can serve you anything. Isn’t it so surprising that you get so much stuff in one gadget?

+ Well built
+ Lasts longer than other mills 
+ Swift delivery
+ Sturdy enough
- A bit pricey

Summary: If you want to experience manual and electric variation at the same time, you can go for Roots & Branches deluxe. Getting such a top-grade grinding mill within such a low price isn’t usual. Bring home this all-rounder with a motor!

Victoria Budget Cast Iron

Victoria Cast Iron Grain Mill

Key Features

Cast Iron body
• Shielding non-slip rubber
Massive batch processing
Grinding disk cover

If you’ve been sourcing for a budget grain mill, you’re in the right place! Victoria cast iron comes with a durable cast iron body. You’ll not find it as heavy-duty as this piece. No matter which dry seed you want to grind, it’ll execute your work for you like a snap!

As this stunning grinding mill is a cast-iron appliance, you have to take some measures before operating it. Make sure that you rinse every part of it. After rinsing them properly, dry them. Apply a layer of oil over every component of the mill. Make sure that the lair isn’t too thick. 

If you’re someone who still loves to bake the cake from scratch, Victoria cast iron is the perfect choice for you. This cast iron features a screw that can customize your flour’s consistency. It doesn’t matter if you want the consistency fine or coarse, it’ll serve you simultaneously.

If you’re looking for a mill with a large capacity, this will meet your needs. Such a high-hopper grinder easily manages your professional needs also. Cast-iron manufacture along with double-tin plating will safeguard from dust and corrosion. Bring it some corn, barley wheat, needs, coconuts, or cheese; it’ll grind them all! 

And guess what? Victoria cast iron also includes adjustable clamps to most tables and boards that are 1/2″ to 2″ thick. Worried about grind output control and safety? Don’t worry, it has a grinding disk cover. 

+ Easy-to-use
+ Sturdy and robust 
+ Adjustable consistency
+ Massive capacity
- Below average finishing and appearance

Summary: Purchasing this mill with multi-features will blow your minds away. Enjoying premium qualities within a fixed budget is no more a big ask. Now you can bake your pastries from scratch at home.

Check out my Two Grain Bread Recipe I wrote for you. Sprouted Grain Bread, Spent Grain Bread !

NutriMill Harvest Stone Flour Mill

Best flour mill NutriMill Harvest Stone Grain Mill

Key Features

450-watt sturdy motor
Diamond-like Corundum Grainmaster milling stones
Patented control knob
Eco-friendly structure

NutriMill Harvest Stone is claimed as the best flour mill by professionals. No matter if you need finer flour for pastry or coarse grain for cereal, the mill can serve you both. Bringing home an eco-friendly and sustainable mill is longer too difficult.

No matter which style of kitchen you have, you can go for this boon. It comes in 6 individual shades to choose from.

If you are looking for a top-grade flour mill in the town, the NutriMill harvest stone can meet all your desires. This masterpiece features a 450-watt motor along with auto-shutoff thermal protection. So, you don’t have to repair it every other day. Corundum grain master milling stones is so hard that it can mill even the hardest grains. 

As this stone this one is manufactured from bamboo, it’s pollution-proof. The easy-to-adjust knob of this mill lets you control the consistency. Just set the knob, and you can enjoy a fine or coarse consistency. 

The brand has designed it in such a way that your kitchen will easily adjust to it. The heat-proof nylon motor shield ensures your safety and health measures. No matter if you want to make some bread, baby food, soup, crackers, or cereal, this awesomesauce won’t need much time.

Even though it takes too many settings to grind the grain finer, exact measures can help you with that. You just need to set the machine accordingly. As there’s no milling bowl included in it, you can use any random one. 

+ Sturdy and withstanding
+ Eco-friendly 
+ 6 different color available
+ Requires no milling bowl
- Motor not powerful enough

Summary: If you’ve been scouring for something worthy and eco-friendly, NutriMill harvest stone will not disappoint you. Milling any non-dry grains is a 2-minute-chore for you now.

Things To Check Before Getting One (Buying Guide)

My Top recommended Grain Mills reviews Buying Guide

Flour grounded with your own hands has something different in it. And it gives you a feeling of a pioneer woman as well. If you’ve been baking for years, you know how bad it is to use store-bought flour. You never know if the store-bought is fresh and preservative-free or not. That’s when you decide to get yourself the great one for home use.

If you’re a newbie, there are chances that you end up barking a wrong tree. As an amateur, we don’t expect you to know everything. That’s why we’ve brought some essential points on the limelight for a better shopping experience. You can keep them in mind while purchasing. Let’s check them out!

Purpose of purchase

You can see various grain mills available in the market. They vary depending on your preferences and requirements. Some recipes demand fine flour and some demand coarse consistency. First, you have to decide what type of grind consistency you’re looking for. 


You can’t randomly go to the market and buy, right? You check out some top-grade grain mills on the internet and then buy them. You can do it both physically or online. If you’re searching for a multi-function, it may cost a bit much. But manual mills are pretty budget-friendly. From $100 to $500, there are tons of varieties to choose from. 

Noise Level

You don’t want to buy a grain mill that can make your family and neighbors go crazy with its noise, right? If the best manual executes such a coarse operation, you won’t like it. Go for the one which offers silent operation. Churning out some flour from grain shouldn’t be the last home chore you want to do. Check the noise level of your desired product before paying for it.

Power Sources

You can accomplish this using muscle or electronic power. That’s up to you. The journey of grinding wheat was initiated using muscles. However, gradually the task got transferred towards electrical mills. Whereas the manual grinding mills are less expensive, the electric ones may cost you more. But the extra charge is worth everything. You can make yourself coarse or fine flour easily.                       

  • Manual Grinding Mills-

Manual ones are usually less expensive than their electric cousins. They also have relatively less downtime. As they don’t have any electrical components, you won’t have to save up much cash to bring home this useful appliance. This hand-powered grinding mill lets the grains stay cool. The manual grinding mills will not end up breaking down as well. 

There is no doubt that manual grinding mills require much more labor than electric mills. You have to put a lot of effort and energy into making it work. The texture variations are very limited in manual models. You can enjoy only a specific kind of texture in manual grinding mills. 

  • Electric Grinding Mills-

Electric grinding mills are one of the most amazing modern inventions. If you go through some reviews, you’ll notice the hike of the electric ones. You’ll not find any other grinding mill as quick and swift as this one. Enjoying varieties of texture in one grinding appliance is no longer your wildest fantasy. Producing some fine flour for cakes and pastries is much easier now. 

As the electric grinders feature high-speed operation, there are also chances that these electric grinding mills break down. 

Heat Build-up

It’s very usual for the grinding mills to produce heat during the whole grinding process. The finer the flour, the more energy it requires. As it’s investing so much energy, it’ll build up some heat. 

But too much heat can affect the nutritional value of the food. But some high-end grinding mills come with a cooling chamber. The cooling chamber cools up the appliance after heating up. Models with low RPM are also great saviour in this case. 

Grain Mill Brands That You May Rely on

Freshly ground flour has always been in the favourite list of human beings because of its nutritious and flavorful value. It does contain various types of vitamins, protein, fiber, and many other healthy nutrients. In this buying guide, I will discuss four types of Grain Mill. These are put forward below:

  • The Komo Flocino: Are you looking for grain flakes for preparing whole-grain cereal flakes for your morning breakfast? This Komo one will grant flakes at the rate of 3.5 ounces per minute.
  • Nutrimill Classic: This redesigned impressive performer will assist you to process grain up to five cups within a minute! If you are searching for a jam-free stainless-steel Grain Mill, the Nutrimill has to be your choice.
  • The Victoria Professional Corn Mill: Victoria Professional Corn Mill has been in the houses of myriad people for decades. It’s mostly used for its heavy-duty cast iron body and durability. For people who search for something heavy, this could be the only option.
  • Wondermill Electric: This Grain Mill contains almost all of the features that grind dry grains and other seeds fast and perfectly. Having a 1250-watt motor, it can control more or less than 100 pounds of Grain per hour without being heated

How Do You Adjust The Settings?

Adjusting a grain mill is a very vital part of maintaining consistency. The larger gaps tend to churn out coarse consistency. Smaller gaps, on the other hand, can serve you with a consistency finer than ever!

But maintaining the gap isn’t that easy. You have to use a feeler gauge for that. Multiple blades are used of divergent thickness for making a feeler gauge. You have to isolate different blades to experience divergent thickness. For instance, for understanding the gap, you can use 0.22 and 0.23-inch blades together. And if you’re not willing to spend your riches on a feeler gauge, you can use a credit card instead. It’s a close to a 0.38 gap. 

After balancing the gap, the next steps are pretty simple. Loosen the two screws behind the mill using a Phillips head screwdriver. A quarter turn will free the roller by turning the screws. After that, turn the knobs on any side to balance the screws. Put the feeler gauge inside the gap as you’ve adjusted the gap of the grain miller. That’s the proper gap setting.

How Do You Clean It Properly?

Have you ever thought of cleaning? Let me be clear. If someone doesn’t brush, will you want to talk to him? Wouldn’t it create a vomiting situation?

Cleaning your Grain Mill is similar to cleaning your teeth. The only difference is that you clean your teeth regularly, but in the case, you can take a break! Cleaning up your Grain will keep your malts clean, and your food will get tastier than before. 

Before cleaning up, you have to take some equipment with you. For instance-

  • Clean oil
  • A brush
  • Masks and Google for safety
  • Compressed Air
  • A Screwdriver

How often you have to clean your mill will rely on how much you have made use of it. If you observe any subtleties while opening, you have to keep in mind that deep cleaning is in need. After opening with a screwdriver, at first, you have to oil your Grain Mill to smoothen the parts of it. There is some simple advice:

  • If you are using an electric one, then unplug it first
  • Clean everything with a dry cloth 
  • Remove parts using a screwdriver
  • Use a brush to clean up the debris
  • Use compressed air to make sure that no harmful particle is left behind

These prevention measures will help you to have a pleasant journey. Hence, don’t forget to clean your appliance. Otherwise, I can’t promise you about these preventive measures to work all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Grain Mill Do?

Are you thinking of grinding coffee beans, nuts, seeds, or other things with your Grain Mill? Don’t worry; you can easily grind these with this machine without having any issues. Before grinding, you’ll only have to make sure that the mill’s manual has been checked perfectly.

You can easily make sprouted flour with a mill without facing any difficulties. Although some of the companies have discouraged us from doing so, our experience has always been in our favor. We have never got disappointed making sprouted flour. If your grain is dry enough, you can easily grind it in your way.

Benefits that you get from a Grain Mill will save you both time and money . Bean flour, fresh ground pepper, and many more dry items can easily be ground within minutes. Eventually, you will have a great opportunity to make your breakfast within shorter periods.

Which one is the best?

Ans. If you’re searching for a higher horsepower grain mill with a lower price level, then Nutrimill would be your best option. You can operate it very smoothly, and it can process more than 5 cups of grain per minute. The stainless-steel body will help you to make super fine flour for your home desserts.

Which one is perfect for home brewing?

Ans. You’ll have a lot of options in your head when you go to a market but choosing the right one is a pesky task. I’ve found in our study that Grain mill by Ss Brewtech is the perfect one . You can also try KitchenAid for a better experience.

Can you mill grain in a coffee grinder?

Ans. Using a coffee grinder for grinding wheat can be a great choice since it reduces the expenses in a greater amount. With less than spending $20, you can process ¾ cups of grain per minute!


Here, I brought to you the best grain mills ruling the market. I’ve chronicled every detail of these products for you. I’ve also included a buyer’s guide in case you’re a newbie.

No matter what type of grain mill you want, I’ve included every category.  Next time you’re planning to bring home a graining mill, you’ll get what qualities you’re looking for. Operating a grinding mill is a child’s play for you now!

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