Top 5 Best Mini Refrigerator 2023 (#1 Affordable)

Imagine a mid-night suffering from starvation when the dining room is closed downstairs, and your Mama is sleeping upstairs. But your stomach is still open & functional, and it’s badly needed to feed with the chunks of frozen food. 

Here is why many of us opt for keeping the best minirefrigerator. It is easily tucked inside of our little room and pretty useful to serve with food & beverages at every occasional time. 

However, they have built with so many features of different sizes. So, you need to sort out which size will fit the most and which features you love to keep. No worries, my in-depth research on these variations will tell the rest for choosing the right bait.

best mini refrigerator

Why Do You Need A Mini Refrigerator?

The main reason for a mini-fridge is its usability. Depending on many preferences, you may choose between one to another. 

More or less, the key reason we do need a mini refrigerator is that it conveniently sits anywhere and seems portable to carry with us. When the larger Refrigerator is generating more electricity bills with so many boastful features, we find it a great investment without breaking the bank.

After the space-saving design and electricity consumption, the third most important benefit is with the price. For example, Chefman Mini Portable refrigerators churn out as the most affordable deal. 

So, you may get your hands on the best mini fridge under $200, which is a daydream for the big one. In our workplace, we mostly love to see any mini things without bringing the giant one.

My Recommended Best Mini Refrigerator In The Market

ObservationProduct ImageProducts featuresBuy
Danby Designer
(Best Overall)
Danby Designer Compact Refrigerator• CanStor beverage dispenser
• 126 L capacity under 4.4 cu. ft of measuring unit
• 2.5-shelf design snugly fits against the wall
• Semi-automatic defrost
• Reversible door hinge applicable for LH/RH opening
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Chefman Eraser
(Best Budget)
Chefman Mini Portable Eraser Board• 4 liter of capacity to chill out or warm-up
• Easily plug to the 12v car or home outlets
• 100% freon-free and eco-friendly
• Two small shelves design
• 1-Year no-worries Warranty
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Midea WHD -113FSS 
(Best Energy-efficient)
Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator, WHD-113FSS1 - Stainless Steel• 3.1 ft of size weighs 52.2 pounds
• Separate freezer compartment
• Low-noise compressor
• Fully automatic defrost system
• Adjustable legs with reversible door
• 120V run by minimalized power
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Best Overall: Danby Designer Compact

Danby Designer Compact Refrigerator


CanStor beverage dispenser 
126 L capacity under 4.4 cu. ft of measuring unit
2.5-shelf design snugly fits against the wall
Semi-automatic defrost
Reversible door hinge applicable for LH/RH opening

When it comes to buying for best equally consumed food & beverages, I had found no exception next to the Danby. If you want to have a compact refrigerator with a full-width independent body that snugly fits the wall, Danby is the right choice. 

If we get to see the design, it seems innovative with the steel-based material and elegant style reversible glass door. Here is why I recommend it. After opening the integrated door, you will find the inside structure on two shelves. 

The one is a dispenser system for bottle storage, and another is 3-glass shelves to keep food items. The tall dispenser system allows you to keep 42 bottles at a time, which is one-third of the whole storage. Inside of it, (17″ ¾’) you can tuck food items for weeks of consumption at great ease. 

+ Way much durable without issues
+ Functional with silent operation
+ See-through glass ensures visibility
- The system is not frosty up to the maximum temp

Summary: The Danby designed the 4.4 cu. ft counter-high Refrigerator such a way that it will sit nicely on your small apartment or room. This amazing appliance meets the requirement to store ice, beverages, and food items without chipping away inside the system. 

Best Budget:  Chefman Mini Portable

Chefman Mini Portable Eraser Board


4 liter of capacity to chill out or warm-up
Easily plug to the 12v car or home outlets
100% freon-free and eco-friendly
Two small shelves design
1-Year no-worries Warranty

Chefman is the best travel-friendly mini Refrigerator with its lean-shaped portable design. Leaving many boasting features, it breaks the bank for its usability under 4ltr capacity under portable experience. 

The Refrigerator chills out the stuff at the pre-set temperature and seems cold enough for keeping beverages and food items. However, if you get to see the frosty items, then it falters. The mini freezer only does the chilling out job for your beverages. 

On the flip side of cooling, it keeps your launch box as warm as you love to eat. To do so, simply switch over the cooling settings. I recommend you put the cold items outside and once it gets back to its original temperature then keep them for warming.

This freezer is engineered with the 100% Freon-free technology that keeps your environment safe & sound. It turns out to be perfect for traveling as you can easily plug it next to the driving seat.

+ Simultaneously cool down and warm up the items
+ Easy to carry anywhere without much effort
+ Save more power and money
- Temperature is pre-set, not adjustable.
- You need to unplug the Refrigerator before switching the settings.

Summary: We often go through hard times while lugging our Refrigerator from one place to another. Here is why Chefman would be insanely portable without much effort to carry. 

Best Energy-Efficient: Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft

Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator, WHD-113FSS1 - Stainless Steel


3.1 ft of size weighs 52.2 pounds
Separate freezer compartment
Low-noise compressor
Fully automatic defrost system
Adjustable legs with reversible doors
120V run by minimalized power

Midea introduces this model as the energy-saving Refrigerator approved by UL energy certification. If you want to have the larger shape of a mini-refrigerator, then this would be the right choice under the bucks.

When you are 2 or 3 people in your living room, then you will get your hands on this unit without emptying it before the weekend. The usability is great indeed as it sits in any place no matter it is a den, dorm room, cabin room, or your office. Here is why I recommend it as the best mini fridge with a freezer for dorm

The dual door design amazingly separates the fridge and freezer sections. Moreover, the four legs are pretty adjustable and snugly fits on the right corner of your kitchen or living room. 

Inside the durable glass shelves, you will find plenty of space for storing snacks, fruits, veggies, and frozen treats. Moreover, the glass shelves seem pretty roomy with a crisper drawer. Aside from the drawer, you will get to see storage racks for keeping beverages. 

+ Freestanding design
+ Durable build
+ Ample space 
- The glossy finish is vulnerable to get scratches or dents

Summary: The standpoint of this Refrigerator is with the fully automatic defrost system. The temperature level is also adjustable and variable for separate dual doors. More importantly, you will get this amazing feature without breaking the bank of power bills.

Best for Beverage: Homelabs and Cooler

Best mini beverage refrigerator homelabs Refrigerator and Cooler


Whisper Quiet Compressor
Powerful unit with 240W
Fully Automatic Defrosting
Energy efficient with advanced technology
Digital Temperature Monitor

When you want to have a beverage refrigerator with a freestanding design, then hOmeLabs would be a great choice with its automatic dispenser feature. Another key reason that makes it outstanding is to have removable shelves and fits on almost anywhere.

The four racks or shelves accommodate 120 cans, making it for perfect usability for commercial purposes. When most of the freezer doesn’t allow you to adjust the temperature for the dispenser unit, it serves it up to 34°F. Moreover, the digital display hinges next to the door will tell you the current temp units. 

This vertical chiller is pretty powerful with the heavy-duty voltage soar up to 240W. However, it won’t escalate the power bill as it comes with advanced energy efficiency with a whisper-quiet compressor. Within the small convection to the whole racks of shelves, the circulation fan becomes unforgiving to supply the uniform temperature. 

+ Sits so many cans at a time in different rows
+ Chrome shelves are adjustable and removable
+ Single zone refrigerator has many temperature contro 
- You cannot place cans and bottles at the dispenser at one go

Summary: Large capacity chiller refrigerator equipped with 3 different modes of temp unit. You may easily tuck it under its foot with precisely adjustable feet. You can set it on the defrost mode or just leave the convection cooler to chill the cans at pre-set coldness as quickly as any refrigerator can do. 

Best Portable: Cooluli Electric Cooler and Warmer

Best Portable Mini Refrigerator Cooluli Electric Cooler and Warmer


The thermoelectric system runs on AC/DC mode
The matte finish on the outside
Eco-mode system
Easy to run by USB Power Bank
Keep cooling and warming separately

If you are setting off a road trip, this portable mini Refrigerator is a must to bring next to your long-tiring trip. This Cooluli Mini Fridge, which is cool enough to chill out the beverages and keep warming your launch box as well. 

Cooluli is considered to be the best outdoor mini Refrigerator as it comes with a thermo-electrical car power outlet. The inside space is serving you with 2 liters of the bottle alone. That being said, you will have enough space to keep a small can alongside the food items. Moreover, you will find it handy to store medicines.

Aside from the car outlet, it keeps charging using a 2A power bank; this is really an insane feature to appreciate portability. The design is with a sleek finish that perfectly fits on your workstation.

+ It freezes drinks even run with a 12V car charger outlet
+ Insanely portable with a lightweight design
+ No leaks and spills from melted ice in the car
- Eco-mode only applicable for cooler not for warming unit

Summary: A portable mini freeze has many cons, no matter where you buy it from it will keep warming at an adjustable temperature.

Things To Check Before Getting One (Buying Guide)

mini refrigerator Buying Guide

Are you buying the mini Refrigerator for the first time? Then don’t forget to read the following features and buy the perfect deal out of the bucks. 

Refrigerator Space:

Different sizes of the fridge have different spaces to store foods & beverages. Any tiny space only accommodates a few pounds of food and a liter of water bottle. The fridge with its slide door to chest door also makes differences. The best thing that comes with is the reversible doors as it allows more space to squeeze the compressor flipped inside of it.

Some Freezer exceptionally accommodates the least number of items. That being said, some sort of ice cube only sits there with one or two items; these are the real mini fridge. Normally, this kind of Refrigerator comes with a chest oriented door and here is how this design overlaps the space mostly.

Unit Capacity:

Every unit is determined by the cubic feet measured in the symbol cu. ft. If you get to know the different units of refrigerators that being said, the volume is measured by such a method. Now, all you need to know which is the smallest unit and which is quite a large unit of any mini freezer. 

The most common unit of any refrigerator starts from 1.1 cu. ft and the bigger unit would be somewhat around 3.0 to 3.3 cu. ft. The least unit is a good choice for the least amount of food & beverage consumption. 

If it comes to the chest-oriented mini freezer, then only beverages will come to sit there, and the reversible door based freezer will take more items. Moreover, the same unit-based freezer may be different in regards to its capacity and accommodation, so don’t overlook these features.

Power Consumption:

One of the key features of any mini-refrigerator is its cost-effectiveness in terms of power consumption. The waste it emits from the compressor is so minimalistic, and in return, it comes with improved energy efficiency. As a result, it’s reduced power consumption will save more energy up to 67%.

For example, if you figure out that your 5.00 cu. ft is somewhat larger than your food consumption, and afterward, you buy the freezer with 3.00 cu. ft unit then it will dwarf the upfront cost you would pay for the bigger one. Moreover, after one year of running, it will save more electricity bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a mini-fridge last?

The average life-span of any mini-fridge or Refrigerator depends on it’s the durable compressor. I found the best picks like Danby & Media strive for up to 9 years. 

What should I put under my fridge?

You can put beverages, food items, fruits, and even some sort of serums and medicines under your mini-fridge. If it turns out to be a defrost system, then you can keep ice cubes as well. Depending on more usability, you can put much other stuff as well. 

Are mini-fridges safe in bedrooms?

If you are living in your bedroom or dorm room, you can keep your fridges right out there without any worries. However, you need to put it on the hard surface, checking out whether the adjustable legs fit nicely on it or not. 

Do mini-refrigerators use a lot of electricity?

Not at all, rather mini-refrigerators only consume 120WPH on average to 240WPH on the maximum level. Moreover, many of them come with power-saving abilities, so they really save your money.

Can you plug a mini fridge into a regular outlet?

Yes, you can plug in your mini-fridge into a regular outlet just like you do it for the big fridge. But make sure, the wire is safe without leak and doesn’t put any object link to gas or methane. The whole job would be safe and sound while plugging into a regular outlet.

Is it safe to put a microwave on top of a mini-fridge?

Generally, it is safe enough to put a microwave on top of a mini-fridge. However, I recommend you to sort out the manual of your mini-fridge. Most likely, any fridge won’t come with the power voltage soar up 300W, here is why they are safe in this way.

How Many Watts Does a Mini Fridge Use?

It depends on what is the size and capacity of your mini-fridge. But if we tell this based on the general rule of thumb then most likely a mini-fridge comes between 55W to 65W. Things would be variable for serving more space and capacity as well.

Useful Guide: How To Defrost A Mini Fridge


I bring forth a couple of considerations of the best mini Refrigerator and now on, it’s your time to move on. If you are shifting too much, then the portable oriented mini size fridge would be a good choice for you. On the contrary, you may opt for a 3 ft freestanding refrigerator with or without a dual door.

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