5 Best Waffle Fry Cutter for Chick-fil-A Style Waffles

Mandoline slicers are actually pretty good at cutting waffle fries. Just make sure you know how to slice your potatoes straight down and rotate them 90-degree to slice the other way. This is how you can use a slicer to create holes in your waffle fries.

Well, we’re not here to talk out the user guide or the recipe. But to help you buy the best waffle fry cutter. So, what do we have here for you? Only mandolines? Nope, we also found the crinkle cutter to be a more preferred option as a waffle fry cutter. We have here for you is a solid list of waffle cutters that include both; some top mandoline slicers as well as crinkle cutters.

Most of these top cutters come in as multifunctional cutters, which we feel is even better. Because you won’t mind cutting some veggies to cook healthy meals for your kids alongside the yummy and fancy-looking waffle fries. Enough of the intro? Let’s find out the top waffle cutters here.

best waffle fry cutter

5 Best Waffle Fry Cutter Reviews

Here we have the top 5 waffle fry cutters for you. Check out more of these below.

Multifunctional Cutter with Mandoline Slicer

Multifunctional Cutter with Mandoline Slicer

Key Features

• 11-in-1 multifunctional cutter
• Mandoline slicer and waffle blade
• 7 interchangeable blades
• Stainless steel razor
• Ergonomic design
• Includes a large container with a capacity of 4 cups or 1.2 L
• Comes with a drain basket
• Cutter size is 12.5’’ L x 4.5’’ Wx 4.5’’ H. C

One of the easiest ways to look for a waffle fry cutter is to find a mandoline slicer and a waffle blade attachment. But you won’t mind if you’ve got the exact combination in a multifunctional fruit and vegetable cutter. Yes, we’re talking about the multifunctional cutter from Alrens.

Besides a dedicated waffle blade, this amazing chopper includes a ginger grater blade, two shred blades, and a slicer blade. And yeah, you get a peeler and an egg separator in the kit as well. Talking about its sharpness, the kit comes with heavy-duty 420 stainless-steel blades that retain sharpness slices after slices!

This convenient tool comes with an ergonomic, soft-grip handle offering enhanced leverage. You also get a non-skid rubber strip for a safe and easy operation. Plus, there’s a safety handguard to save your fingers as well!

You can expedite a safe cleaning by putting this BPA-free plastic cutter into the dishwasher. It also includes a drain basket that’ll help wash the potatoes directly after slicing.

Why not have some healthy dishes alongside the waffle fry delicacy? You can add the vegetable noodles, cheese salad, pasta, and fresh fruits chopped and grated with the kit.

Although it should accommodate your large potatoes, it could still feel a bit tinier!

Gramercy Mandoline Food Slicer

Gramercy Mandoline Food Slicer

Key Features

• Built-in adjustable blades with a dedicated waffle blade attachment
• Makes Julienne, Slices, and Waffle fry cuts
• Includes cut-resistant gloves
• Includes a blade cover, a food holder, and a cleaning brush

A mandoline food slicer with a separate waffle blade attachment, and that too backed by a company like Gramercy — what else do you want?

This high-quality and versatile mandoline has stable and sturdy legs for cleaner cuts. It comes with an adjustable dial that allows you to create dozens of different cuts including waffle cuts.

Now you can slice from paper-thin to 9 mm thick cuts, including the 4.5 mm julienne cuts. Whether it’s some potato chips, waffles, or other veggie-based meals, it gets them fast and safe for cooking! All the blade attachments are built into the slicer, so don’t bother replacing or losing one in the messy drawer!

Not to forget its amazing safety features that start with a pair of cut-resistant gloves. It also includes a convenient blade cover and a food safety holder. So you can stay touchless and safe while slicing your favorite waffle fries. The unit comes with a cleaning brush for easy cleaning. It folds flat for convenient storage.

The Gramercy mandoline comes with a super-sharp Japanese blade. It’s highly durable and guarantees professional quality cuts.

Yes, it’s extremely sharp, so you need to be careful with its sharpness and have the protective gears while cutting!

Jonbyi Crinkle Cutter

Jonbyi Crinkle Cutter

Key Features

• Includes julienne peeler
• Wavy patterned slicer for waffle fry cuts
• Stainless steel blade
• Deeper blade depth
• Long blade
• Ergonomic handle

Luckily, we’ve got a specific cutter here to create the decorative crinkled shape of the waffle fries. The Jonbyi Crinkle Cutter!  This is a fun tool that you can use to create perfect waffle fries. You can also use this kitchen gadget as a julienne peeler, a kitchen chopper, or a wavy slicer. So create the crinkle chunks of your favorite waffle fries or veggies in minutes!

Getting a Crinkle knife over the mandoline slicer could be a great idea. It helps make cuts with more surface area. As a result, you get crisper, browner, and more flavorful fries. With the decorative waffle fries cut with Jonbyi, you’d probably hear your kids saying, “Mumma you’ve made our day”!

It’s a highly convenient cutter with sharp and long blades. The grooves are deeper and you’re all set to make some Chick-fil-A style waffle or french fries at the comfort of your home. The long blade also helps you chop more at a time.

Now talking about the durability and sturdiness of the cutter. This crinkle knife is made of stainless steel and includes the Vacuum Titanium Ion Plating Technology. The surface of the knife has Electroplated Titanium Film that makes it acidproof and rustproof. It comes with an ergonomically designed handle to make cutting and chopping a breeze!

Unfortunately, it’s not dishwasher safe but hand washing this tool shouldn’t take much effort!

GProMe Mandoline Slicer

GProMe Mandoline Slicer

Key Features

• Mandoline slicer with adjustable thickness
• Waffle fry blade attachment
• Stainless steel blade
• Includes a food holder
• BPA-free, food-grade plastic construction
• Long and wide steel deck
• Anti-skid legs

Don’t have a crinkle cutter to cut waffle fries? Will the mandoline slicer do? Well, the answer will always be a yes, when you have the GProMe Mandoline Slicer in your kitchen.

This is a multifunctional cutter that can be easily set to waffle fry blade attachment. All you need to do is press and turn the cylinder knob to select between slicer and crinkle. Now let your kids enjoy the restaurant-style sweet potato waffle fries, thin french fries, or some ruffed potato chips!

There’s one more dial to adjust the thickness of your cuts. You can easily slice from paper-thin to 9mm thick cuts. It also has two 4.5mm julienne settings. The integrated blade system keeps you touchless.

We must say the blades are amazingly sharp. Made of stainless steel, the blade takes little effort and time to cut veggies clean including the sweet potatoes for your waffle fries.

The plastic frame and steel deck contribute to its amazing build quality. It’s sturdy and has non-slip legs to enhance stability. The stainless steel, textured runway prevents food from sticking.

Additionally, you get a food holder to hold the food and protect your fingers. The body and holder are both dishwashers safe for easy cleaning. The unit folds down flat for compact and convenient storage.

While dealing with such sharp cutters, make sure to go through the user manual, luckily you’ll get one in the packaging!

DIKO Mandoline Slicer 

Diko Mandoline slicer

Key Features

• 6 slice modes and 18 cut types
• Blade attachment for wavy and waffle fry cuts
• Adjustable thickness
• Stainless steel blade
• Non-skid
• Foldable

A mandoline slicer with 6 different slices modes and 18 different cut types is a worth checking option. Isn’t it? Yes, we’re talking about the DIKO mandoline slicer that comes with a wide range of cutting styles including waffle fry cuts.

So many styles? How’re you supposed to adjust them? Well, this amazing kitchen tool comes with an adjustable knob to choose any of your preferred cutting styles. Choosing the waffle-cutting blade is easy, Using the wavy cutting pattern you can also create fancy shapes like flowers or anything that your kid desires!

This mandoline features a sharp blade with a cutting thickness ranging from 1mm to 6mm. But the good thing is you don’t need to touch the blade while changing or adjusting the thickness. You get all the slicing options built-in on the food slicer. You’ll also find a safety pusher for protecting your hand while cutting the potatoes or other veggies.

The slicer is made of high-quality stainless steel which makes it unlikely to dull or bend any sooner. Its anti-skid rubber feet and non-slip base provides excellent stability and makes it super convenient to use. It folds flat for an easy storage in the drawer.

When considered as a potato cutter for waffle fries, it’ll surely come out as more efficient than traditional dicers or sumo slicers. We don’t say it’ll produce perfect and equal slices for all kinds of veggies, but for potato fanatics, it surely makes a great choice.

Buying Guide

We’d like to discuss what made us choose the options for the best waffle fry cutters. Understanding these factors will help you make the right buying decision. Let’s take a look at these below.

Mandoline Slicers Vs Crinkle Knife

You need to determine the type of cutter you need to cut your waffle fries. We aren’t talking about the commercial or automatic waffle fry cutter here. For home chefs, there aren’t many types and the competition is between mandoline and crinkle cutter. For ease of use and specific operation, the crinkle cutter has a little advantage over the mandoline. It’s like a serrated knife that provides ease of cutting waffle fries.

However, a multifunctional mandoline slicer with a dedicated waffle cutting blade gives is also a good option. This is a versatile tool and you could use it for some other cutting and chopping tasks as well. Although it needs little adjustments for cutting waffle fries, mandoline can provide professional cuts for waffle fries.

Adjustable Thickness

While choosing the mandoline slicer for waffle fry cutting, you need to check out if the tool has an adjustable thickness or not. Waffle aren’t paper thin nor they’re the most thick ones. You need an optimal thick waffle fry cutter that can be adjusted a thickness around 6mm. So make sure your mandoline has this thickness in the range.

Safety and Convenience

While using a sensitive tool like a cutter, both the safety and convenience of the tool matter. You’ll most likely be dealing with sharp blades, so you should be looking for touchless options. It means you should be looking for mandolines that have built-in blades and you don’t need to touch them while replacing them. If blades aren’t integrated into the tool make sure they have blade covers.

For convenience, check out if the cutter has anti-skid legs and a base. It shouldn’t slip a bit as this could bring dangerous consequences. Also, look for a sturdy tool that includes ergonomically designed handle. And don’t forget to check the sharpness of the blade as there couldn’t be anything more inconvenient than a dull blade.

Storage and Cleaning

For convenient storage, you could look for tools that fold flat. So you can easily store them in the drawer without requiring additional storage. Regarding cleaning, check out if the unit is dishwasher safe. Some of the cutters are compact and can be easily cleaned in water.

How to Use a Waffle Fry Cutter

Getting the best waffle fry cutter won’t do unless you know how to use a waffle fry cutter. Well, using a waffle cutter is probably easier than you might think. In fact, there isn’t much to tell. All you need is to master the trick of using either a mandoline or a crinkle knife. Let’s find out how you should be using it.

We assume you have some large peeled potatoes to start with. Now place your crinkle knife or mandoline slicer on the cutting table. In the case of mandoline, set it to a waffle cutting blade and adjust the thickness to 6mm.

Now take a potato and slice downward on the end of it using your waffle fry cutter. Now you’ve to rotate the potato 90 degrees and slice it downward again. This will create the desired crinkled or criss-cross shape that you need for waffle fries. Now repeat the process until all the potatoes are sliced.


Let’s take a look at the answers to some common FAQs regarding the waffle fry cutter.

At what thickness should I be cutting the potato for my waffle fries?

You’ll find mandolines or crinkle cutters with a thickness ranging from 1mm to 9mm. When it comes to slicing the potatoes for waffle fries you should be cutting them at around ¼ inch or 6mm thickness.

Is there any other name for waffle fries?

There are some other names that the waffle fries are known as. Some of these include criss-cross fries, Pommes gaufrettes, and grid fries. These names very much indicate the nature of the cut the dish needs.

What does it take to cut waffle fries like the Chick-fil-A?

To cut the waffle fries in Chick-fil-A style, you perhaps need to be careful with the thickness of the waffle fry and the serrated or crinkle shape that’s cut to perfection. Most of it all, it’s the cooking style and the perfection that they fry the waffles.

What blade do you use for waffle fries?

You generally need a serrated blade also known as a crinkle or waffle-cutting blade to cut waffle fries. Most mandolins today have this blade integrated into the slicer.

Why is a mandoline slicer a great option to cut waffle fries?

A mandoline with a built-in waffle-cutting blade attachment is an excellent option to cut waffle fries. It’s a preferred cutting tool for waffle fries due to its uniformity and speed in slicing.

Final Thought

Waffle fries could be a real game-changer for treating your family and friends, especially the kids. If you’re looking to try it at home, it’s very much possible that you’d get close to Chick-fil-A in terms of the taste and quality of your waffle fries. All you need is to get the best waffle fry cutter and a little bit of execution for cutting and cooking it to perfection. In case you need a ceramic waffle maker for making delicious waffles. Check the given link.

We’ve picked the top waffle fry cutters for home chefs and a little attention could give you the desired results! If you’re looking to make waffle fries commercially, then this article is not for you as we didn’t include any commercial waffle fry cutter or electric waffle fry cutter. But we have an article about the top Belgian waffle maker in the market now. Now make delicious waffles at home and enjoy them vigorously (dipped in the favorite sauce) with your friends and family!

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