Can You Make Regular Waffles In Belgian Waffle Maker? (Easiest Way)

Belgian waffles require you to purchase a Belgian waffle maker. If you love Belgian waffles because of their size, fluffiness, and deep pockets to fill with syrup, butter, or jam, then you are a waffle lover. Being a waffle fan, you might consider giving regular waffles a shot.

Is it possible to make traditional or regular waffles in a Belgian waffle maker? Yes, it is doable, but it will not be a 100% regular waffle. There will be a difference in the size, texture, and cooking time may differ. As you are putting a regular waffle batter in a Belgian waffle maker, you might end up with a mixture of both.

But hey, that does not mean it won’t be tasty, right? Testing different recipes and experimenting with food is what a dedicated food lover enjoys doing.

Can you make regular waffles in a belgian waffle maker

What is a Belgian Waffle Maker?

Here is a fact if you did not know. Belgian waffles originated in Belgian in the year 1958. So, if you want to make traditional Belgian waffles at home, you must purchase a Belgian waffle maker. This waffle maker traditionally comes in a round shape. However, you can buy it in a square shape as well.

A Belgian waffle maker is easier to spot. Apart from being round, if you look closely at the plates, top, and bottom, you will see those large squares protruding out. The purpose of these squares is to make waffles with deep pockets to hold at least a teaspoon of syrup. If you have a sweet tooth, this will be a treat for you.

As the waffle batter rises, these pockets will act as a barrier from top and bottom. Think about it in this way, the waffle maker is biting the waffles, and the holes in the waffles are the bite marks. As Belgian waffles are fluffier, the waffle maker will be big compared to a regular one. But don’t worry, it will not take up too much space in your kitchen.

What is a Regular Waffle Maker?

It operates the same way as a Belgian Waffle maker with a few differences.

A regular waffle maker also has these square shapes, but they are not that deep, and the waffles turn out to be thinner when compared to Belgian waffles. It does not require too much time to cook, as the regular waffle maker heats up quickly.

A regular waffle maker is an excellent choice for kids because they come in various shapes. I am not talking about the round and square bodies.

This type of waffle maker is available in a shape of a heart and even a cartoon character. So, if your kid wants to enjoy a Mickey Mouse waffle and doesn’t care about these deep dockets, a regular waffle maker is what you need.

A regular waffle maker does not focus on deep pockets, making it easier for companies to manufacture it in different shapes and sizes.

How to Make Best Regular Waffles In a Belgian Waffle Maker

How to Make Best Regular Waffles In a Belgian Waffle Maker

So, you want to make regular waffles using a Belgian waffle maker, even though you are aware that this type of waffle maker is developed to cook Belgian waffles.

Okay, no problem at all. You can make regular waffles, but before you proceed, here are some helpful tips you should follow to maximize your chances of making great waffles.

1.) Use a regular waffle recipe

The recipes of regular and Belgian waffles are different. So remember it should be a regular waffle batter, or you will end up with Belgian waffles.

2.) Be patient

Since regular waffles don’t take much time to cook, don’t hurry up and pour your batter until you are sure the waffle maker has finished preheating.

If you pour your waffle batter early, you will not get those crispy and fluffy waffles.

3.) Ignore the square shapes

To get the correct pocket shape, you may be drawn to modify your waffle batter by pouring in too much or too little. A word of advice, don’t do anything. Add the correct amount of batter into the waffle maker and see how the first batch turns out. It may be the first time cooking regular waffles in a Belgian waffle maker, so you need to be patient.

You did it! You made your first batch of regular waffles using a Belgian waffle maker but wait it doesn’t look right. Your waffles may not turn out to be crispy as you wanted them to be, and the shape is not correct.

Well, this is unavoidable, and the only thing you can do is experiment with the batter and cooking time to see if you can come up with the best regular waffles.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Belgian Waffle Maker?

Nutrition Facts Of Belgian Waffle

There are a few things you should consider before you go ahead and buy a Belgian waffle maker . First of all, what shape of waffles do you want? Belgian waffle makers come in round and square shapes.

Are you okay with buying a large waffle maker? With some waffle makers, you can cook up to four waffles at a time. If the size is not a problem, you can go for a big Belgian waffle maker or browse for a compact, space-saving model.

Make sure that the body is stainless steel. It looks beautiful and is easy to clean. The waffle maker should have a nonstick interior so that the waffles do not get stuck on the iron plates. You can coat the iron plates with oil, but it is not recommended.

If you are spending money on a Belgian waffle maker, why not buy one that flips? A flip waffle maker cooks the batter from both sides. The waffle will be evenly cooked, making it more delicious to eat. A flip waffle maker is compact and is easier to place in a vertical position, so it will not consume too much space.

What is the Difference Between Belgian and Regular Waffles?

Many people don’t know the exact difference between Belgian and regular waffles and use these words interchangeably. The two main differences you should know are the size and the shape.

A Belgian waffle is thicker, enormous, and has deep pockets to hold syrups, sauces, and other toppings. So, if you get a waffle with deep pockets filled with pools of syrup, then you are eating a Belgian waffle. The shape will be round or square. If you get a waffle in any other shape, like a cartoon character, then that is a regular waffle. There is also a difference in the batter to make the waffles rise, making them light and fluffy.


Waffles are a great way to start a day, and there is no harm in trying something new. Following the instruction above, it is possible to make regular waffles in a Belgian waffle maker, but there will be a difference in size, taste, and texture. You would have to experiment with the batter and the cooking time to make the best regular waffles.

Plan ahead, start with a small batch, preferably enough to make a couple of waffles. In this way, you will not end up wasting your waffle batter or your time.

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