Can You Make Waffle Batter The Night Before (Complete Guide)

If you are a waffle lover and love to have them for breakfast, you can make waffle batter ahead of time and refrigerate it.

Yes, there is no problem at all in eating waffles prepared with batter the night before. You can also freeze them for an instant treat later.

Prepping your ingredients beforehand will save you a lot of time in the morning. As you have done all the hard work the night before, you only need to cook your waffles in the waffle maker, and they will be ready before you know it. Properly store your batter to ensure that it does not get ruined. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the crisp and fluffy waffles in the morning.

The ingredients to prepare the batter the night before are the same. There is no need to get up in a rush in the morning. Remember, you have to get that waffle maker out and preheat it before you pour the batter.

Can you make waffle batter the night before

Can You Refrigerate Waffle Batter?

Yes, you can refrigerate your waffle batter. Most people prepare a large batch of batter, cook half of it and store the remainder for tomorrow.

Store the batter properly, otherwise don’t expect those crisp and fluffy waffles when you cook it.

There are different ways you can refrigerate waffle batter. You can use an airtight container, any dish with a cover, or a ziplock zip bag.

An easy way to save time and dishes is to follow me and do what I regularly do. I don’t transfer the waffle batter in any bag or a separate dish, I leave it inside the mixing bowl. The mixing bowl is a great container itself. Cover your mixing bowl, which has the batter in it, obviously, and place it in the fridge.

You can cover your mixing bowl by putting a lid on it, so it is completely covered. The second way is to use cling paper and wrap the bowl. I usually use cling paper to store pre-made batter.

Can I use Waffle Batter Straight from the Refrigerator?

It is breakfast time. Just grab your mixing bowl or any other container you stored your waffle batter in and start cooking.

You can use waffle batter straight from the fridge. You do not have to warm it or wait till it drops to room temperature. You can use it right away because it was refrigerated, not frozen.

The batter may have become a little bit fluffy while chilling overnight, which is a good thing. You are now going to enjoy fluffy waffles. If you’re curious why your waffle batter is a bit puffy, it is probably because of the yeast.

If you believe that the mixture has separated, take a spoon and give it a good stir before pouring it into the preheated waffle maker. Please do not over mix it, do not use a heavy hand. You only have to make sure that you smooth out any thick sections.

The problem with over mixing the waffle batter is that it may ruin the texture. If you overdo it, your waffles may not turn out to be as great as you want them.

How long can you keep waffle batter in the fridge?

A waffle’s ingredients consist of milk and eggs, both of which are perishable items. So you do not want to keep the batter stored for a long time.

Everyone has a different opinion on how long a waffle batter can last. Whenever I make a waffle batter, I make sure that the quantity is sufficient to make waffles for one time breakfast or sometimes two days but not more than that.

You are preparing a homemade waffle batter. It is not a batter you bought from the store, and it does not contain chemicals or preservatives to increase the shelf life. The ingredients are milk and eggs that are perishable items. So, it is better to consume it within one to three days.

Can waffle batter be saved?

can you refrigerate waffle batter

If you are desperate to save your waffle batter, you can freeze it. In this way, it lasts up to months and can cook waffles whenever you want.

The downside to freezing a batter is, you need to melt it. Since it is frozen, you cannot dump the entire batter straight into the waffle maker, you need to defrost it first.

There are two ways you can do it.

1.) Leave it in the fridge for the whole night, and this will defrost it. You can then cook your waffles.

2.) You can place the batter in water and leave it for an hour or so.

Another disadvantage of frozen batter is, you might not get the same beautiful texture you had when you first prepared it. So your waffles will not be that good.

In the words of Gordon Ramsay “Using fresh ingredients is the only way to guarantee a great taste and I can’t understand how people can ignore fresh food.”

Can I Store Cooked Waffles?

Yes, you can store cooked waffles in the fridge, or you can freeze them. Then whenever you have a sudden urge for waffles, you can heat them and have an instant treat.

There are different ways to reheat waffles. I use a microwave and heat the waffle for a few seconds.

If it is frozen, do not use a microwave. Pop it straight into a toaster, and you are good to go. Another way is to pour a tablespoon of oil or butter into the pan. Carefully place your waffles into the pan, and when both sides are golden brown, you can dish it out.

What if you can’t make a good waffle with refrigerated batter?

If your waffles are not turning out great, then that means you must have missed something or done something wrong.

What do you do when you take the mixture out of the fridge? Did you heat it, did you mix the batter, did you over mix it, are you missing an ingredient?

The first step you need to go is to check that if your waffle batter is a bit puffy or not. It should be puffy because of the yeast. If it is not, then that is the missing ingredient and why you are not ending up with fluffy waffles.

Did you mix your batter when you took it out of the fridge? If you didn’t you should have because the mixture must have separated. So before cooking a refrigerated waffle batter, you need to mix it a bit.


Making waffle batter the night before is a great way to enjoy your morning breakfast. You are done with all the work and left with only preheating your waffle maker and enjoying that delicious food in a few minutes.

If the batter is not stored correctly, it will get spoiled, and you will end up with no waffles for breakfast.

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