5 Best Commercial Waffle Maker 2023 (Perfect For Business)

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If want to buy a commercial waffle maker for your business, there’s no room for compromise. But how do you know which professional waffle maker is right for your perfect waffles?

To identify the ideal commercial waffle maker, first, you must know the functionalities and usages that can come with different professional Belgian waffle makers. Furthermore, you should also have a clear understanding of what you’ll be making on it.

Seems complicated? Do not worry, as today I will guide you through all the ins and outs of waffle-making machines. And show you some of the best commercial waffle makers in 2022; which I can promise, you’ll fall in love with.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!

What’s a Commercial Waffle Maker?

If you’re working in an industry, where you have to constantly deliver the best waffles. Then a commercial waffle maker can either make or break your business.

The right commercial waffle maker can boost the efficiency and productivity of your business. And to ensure that, manufacturers now make dedicated professional waffle maker, with industrial waffle iron.

Unlike general waffle makers, commercial waffle machines are built to last long. These commercial waffle makers can withstand a whole days’ worth of workload and produce top-quality waffles at all times.

Furthermore, since waffle makers are heavily dependent on the iron surface, the commercial waffle iron is made up of better nonstick coatings and of higher quality to ensure efficiency and endurance.

Other than that, most industrial waffle makers come with built-in functionalities, such as timers, to make sure you get the best output all the time. This heavy duty waffle maker may be costlier than any general waffle maker. But are surely worth the extra bucks in the long run.

Types of Commercial Waffle Makers

Types of Commercial Waffle Makers

One of the most common misconceptions people have regarding waffle makers is that they consider all to be alike. Well, commercial waffle makers vary in many ways, mostly depending upon their uses and exactly what they’ll be used for.

Manufacturers sometimes design the industrial waffle maker solely based on the type of waffles they’ll be used to make. Here I have three of the most popular types of waffles:

Belgian Waffles:

Did you know waffles was originated in Belgium? The traditional Sunday morning waffle, which we’re fond of, gets the name ‘Belgian’ because of its European origin.Belgium waffle iron consists of the traditional honeycomb structure body, divided into four sections. If your business sells the traditional breakfast waffle, then you’ll find a huge collection of industrial Belgium waffle maker to choose from, since they’re the easiest to find.

However, you can also use them to make sandwiches. But the honeycomb structure makes it one of the most difficult to clean after usage.

Waffle Cone:

Popularly known as ice-cream cones, waffle cones are a great way to display your homemade ice cream with. Furthermore, if you own an ice cream station or sell ice cream scoops, making your waffle cones will bring more aesthetics and flexibility to your menu.

Unlike traditional waffle maker, waffle cone maker has a round flat waffle iron, this is mainly because cones are thinner than traditional waffles. The body of the waffle iron is textured to give your cones the authentic look, and are the easiest to take care of and clean of.

Bubble Waffles:

Bubble waffles are the most innovative variation of waffles that you can make. Its unique looks have made it popular among waffle vendors. Especially since it looks more like a snack that you can have on the go, compared to any Belgian waffle that requires you to sit down and eat.

Using the same recipe as any traditional waffle, you can easily make a bubble waffle with the aid of any bubble waffle maker. These unique waffle machines have a bubble-like circular hole embedded in their waffle iron to produce a unique shape.

Recommended 5 Best Commercial Waffle Maker

Down below I’ve pulled together 5 of the top commercial waffle maker in the market for you to choose from. So, without any further ado, let’s check these options out!

 Waring Belgian Waffle Maker

Waring Belgian Waffle Maker

Key Features

• Multi-functional
• Rotating Feature
• Nonstick coating
• Temperature indicator for when the plates are heated up

First up, I have best commercial Belgian waffle maker. With a multifunctional round waffle maker, you can make much more than just waffles. This simple and round restaurant style waffle maker from Waring lets you make the perfect round 4 section Belgian waffles at ease.

This Wearing waffle maker has a rotary feature that allows it to double as an omelet maker on the other side. Hence, you can make waffles on one side, then rotate the pan to make an omelet simultaneously. The feature is great for a breakfast-oriented food menu.

The commercial belgian waffle maker also comes with a temperature indicator, where a green light blinks and alerts when the waffle plate is at the desired temperature. Furthermore, you also get temperature customization with two thermostats and browning controls, so your waffles come out perfect every time.

Made of stainless steel, this waffle maker from waring is made to last long. The drawbacks for this machine are that with it you can only make one waffle and an omelet at a time and the plates are not removable. However, if a waffle is not the main item of your business, this is a perfect and attractive piece of machine that will get the work done.

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All-Clad Gourmet Waffle Maker

All-Clad Gourmet Waffle Maker

Key Features

• Has 6-way adjustable heating.
• Indicator for when waffles are ready.
• Four waffles at a time.
• Removable non-stick plates.

Up next, I have the ultimate commercial mini Belgian waffle maker from All-Clad. This gourmet commercial mini waffle maker allows you to make up to four waffles at a time.

To give you a more flexible cooking experience, this commercial square waffle maker comes with a 6-way adjustable level of heat for the perfect toasting. With this feature, you can adjust the crispiness of your waffles every time.

On top of that, this waffle maker also comes with an indicator that glows put when your waffles are ready. This is a very handy feature as you can rely on your machine to not burn your waffles.

Furthermore, it has a square iron plate, with four waffle sections; meaning you can make a maximum of four at a time. This nonstick commercial grade waffle iron is removable and are dishwasher friendly, thus you may clean them in easily.

The manufacturers made this waffle maker for commercial use while considering the efficient and long-lasting functionalities possible. It has a batter tray, where all the extra waffle batter flows into after you’ve closed the lid, ensuring your waffles are perfect all the time.

All-in-all with its advanced heating technology, this restaurant-grade waffle maker makes sure your waffles are perfect all the time. The stainless-steel body ensures that you can use it for the years to come.

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ZXMOTO Mini Commercial Waffle Maker

ZXMOTO Mini Commercial Waffle Maker

Key Features

• Can be used to make up to 10 mini waffles.
• Embedded with timer
•Adjustable thermostat
• Removable non-stick plates

Now let’s look at this mini pro waffle makers by ZXMOTO. With this industrial waffle maker, you can make up to 10 mini waffles at a time, without any hassle.

This professional Belgian waffle maker comes with a removable, non-stick pan. This not only makes your waffle making more efficient and productive but also makes it clean the whole thing afterward a lot easier. Taking care of the machine is made even easier since you can simply put the plates in a dishwasher.

The waffle machine allows you to make many more than just waffles. You can use it to make pancakes, sandwiches, and omelets as well. The core feature of it is the timer function, with which you can easily set a timer for how long the machine should work. This gives you more flexibility on not being bothered about anything burning up.

Other than the timer, this waffle machine also has an adjustable thermostat, which will allow you to adjust the crispiness of your waffles to your demand. Thus, you’ll also get the perfect result at all times with this mini waffle maker.

All-in-all this commercial waffle maker is promised to last long. The stainless-steel body makes it easier to clean and take care of. The manufacture also ships accessories with this machine, making it a one-stop solution for your business.

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VBENLEM Commercial Round Waffle Maker

VBENLEM Commercial Round Waffle Maker

Key Features

• Rotary Waffle Maker
• Great and Long-Lasting Quality
• Consists Timer
• Adjustable Heating

Fourth on my list, I have another rotary round waffle maker, by VBENLEM. This is a simple straightforward rotating waffle maker, with which you can make two waffles on either side of it. And is perfect for small businesses with its restaurant grade aesthetics.

Unlike the previous rotating waffle maker, this commercial round waffle maker makes waffles on both sides. However, you can still use it for other purposes, like pancakes and omelets. Equipped with non-stick dual pans, this features and advanced heating technology to ensure you get the perfect waffles every time.

Manufacturers made this hotel style waffle maker considering the ease of cooking. The handle is anti-scald handle, for better grip and control even in high temperatures and the firm supports on the rotary joints are just some specialty waffle iron consists. Other than that, it also includes a timer to make sure your waffles are cooked precisely.

With great built quality and long-lasting iron plates, this mini waffle maker will last you ages. You can use it for a wide range of applications other than just waffle maker. And is the perfect option for occasional waffle making.

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All-Clad Gourmet Digital Waffle Maker

All-Clad Gourmet Digital Waffle Maker

Key Features

• Long-lasting and heavy-duty unit
• Easy control
• Extra deep steam vents
• 7 levels of crispiness

Here comes my last commercial waffle makers of today. Unlike the last three units, this is a compact size waffle maker like the first one.

Though the size is compact, but still you can enjoy 7 levels of toastiness with this waffle maker with 4 waffles at a time. The high-tech steam release ensures the fluffiness of the waffle inside and keeps the outside crispy.

You also get extra deep pockets in it to give your waffles more room for toppings.

The most painful part of the waffle makers is the part of cleaning the maker. But with this waffle maker, you don’t need to worry much about the cleaning part. The PFOA-free non-sticky surface of this waffle maker is very easy to clean and even the plates can be easily removed for washing them by hand or to wash with a dishwasher.

The operating procedure is pretty simple as well. And it also has an alert system that will notify you when to put batter in it and will also notify you when your crispy waffles are ready to enjoy!

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Details Buying Guide For Purchasing Easily

Buying Guide of commercial waffle maker

In this section, allow me to share some basics that you should consider while choosing the perfect waffle machine for your business.

Type of Waffle

Before buying any commercial waffle maker, you should be determined about the type of waffle that you’ll make. This depends directly on the type of restaurant waffle makers that will suit your need.

For a Belgian waffle maker, you should go for a round waffle maker, they usually have the rotary option, and you can easily make omelets on it too. However, if you want square waffles, there are plenty of industry waffle makers with great features to choose from.

Other than that, waffle cone makers are very specific and require a different waffle maker with a special waffle iron. Choosing the wrong waffle maker for your business can reduce efficiency or might turn out costly for your business.

Rotary Feature

One of the biggest debates is whether you should go with a rotary waffle machine or a multiple waffle machine?

The type of waffle maker you choose mostly depends on the type of waffle that suits your business. Furthermore, the workload on the waffle maker also makes a huge difference.

Firstly, if you wish to make round waffles, then most of such waffle makers are rotary. Furthermore, if your workload isn’t that much, then a rotary waffle maker is perfect for you.

Number of Waffles per Waffle Maker

Waffle makers can range from one waffle at a time, to 10 or even 20 mini waffles at a time. The number of waffles you should target making in a single waffle maker depends on the number of waffles you need together.

If your business sells waffles as a primary item, then you might need to go for bigger numbers, such as 10 or even 20. However, you wish to sell one big round Belgian waffle, occasionally, then the smaller waffle makers will do just fine.

Most traditional round Belgian waffle makers are limited to two waffles a machine, that is if it has a rotary feature. But if you wish to serve multiple waffles at a time, then a single waffle maker will only slow you down.

Removable Waffle Plates

Waffle plates require taking care of. The higher-end industry waffle makers come with removable waffle plates that allow you to clean and maintain better. However, all plates nowadays are made of non-stick materials and are easier to clean off after a whole day of use.

But if you don’t wish to take the hassle regardless, most removable plates are dishwasher friendly and can be just put into one to be cleaned. And hence, removable waffle plates are very handy.

Temperature and Ready Control

To get even further control over your outcomes, manufacturers now make commercial waffle makers embedded with temperature controls. They allow you to adjust the crispiness of your waffles or pancakes.

For even greater precision, waffle makers also come with ready control. It indicates the required temperature of the pan before you begin making waffles.

For a big kitchen service, you often need to switch in between works. And so, to provide flexibility manufacturers also include a timer to the waffle machines. With this, your waffles will never go wrong.

Waffle Accessories

Few manufacturers will ship you all the necessary utensils that you’ll require to make waffles or maintain the machine. These include a batter beater, to mix your batter well before pouring in. And also, a brush to apply butter for crispiness and flavor.

Furthermore, the manufacturer can also ship extra removable iron plates and microfiber cloths with the machine. Buying them separately might result in costly and hence opting for a waffle maker that includes them all is the wiser option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What waffle maker do Restaurants/Hotels use?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as different restaurants will use different types of waffle makers, depending on their specific needs and preferences. The vast majority of hotels use a commercial waffle maker with a rotatable plate. This allows them to make large batches of waffles quickly and efficiently. However, some of the most popular waffle makers used in restaurants include the Belgian Waffle Maker and the Liege Waffle Maker.

What kind of waffle maker does Waffle House use?

The Waffle House uses a round waffle maker with four quadrants. Each quadrant has a different design, and the waffle maker rotates so that a new design is always in the center. The product model is Wells WB-1E Commercial Waffle Maker. For more details Check out this article!

Final Thoughts

In this article, I have talked about the different types of commercial waffle makers required to make them. I also discussed the different features that come with a waffle maker and how they can help your business.

Furthermore, I provided a detailed guideline for you to decide on what type of waffle maker suits your company the best.

If you have a small business and don’t require a great number of waffles on short notice; I personally suggest Waring Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker, for its great compatibility and features. Otherwise, I hope you’ll find the best commercial waffle makes using my guidelines.

I wish you all the success with your business. Until next time, happy cooking!

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