How Do You Clean A Waffle Maker (Steps By Steps Guide)

When you prepare waffles, you may notice leftover waffle batter or stains from the cooking oil spray. If you do not clean your waffle maker, this residue builds up and that bacteria will be transferred to your new batch of waffles.

You may be wondering how to clean a waffle maker? Some plates are not detachable, and you cannot put the whole appliance in the sink and run it through the water.

Remember, it is easy to clean, so there is no need to get intimidated. Follow the step-by-step guide.

How do you clean a waffle maker

Best Steps to Getting Waffle Maker Clean

Honestly, there is no special technique. Before you begin, unplug it and allow it cool.

You can pick those waffle batter out pieces at a time and run a clean cloth through your waffle maker.

Do not use any tool that has a sharp edge, such as a knife or a fork. A knife may be tempting to use as it easily scrapes the batter in small spaces, but you may end up damaging your waffle maker.

Do not use a brush because the bristles may leave scratches on the surface.

What You’ll Need

You won’t need anything special to clean your waffle maker. I wipe my waffle maker every time I use it. In this way, the food particles do not get accumulated.

For simple cleaning, you need:

  1. Paper towel
  2. A clean cloth
  3. A soft-bristled brush

If your waffle maker is dirty and requires a deep clean, you may have to wash the plates to get the germs out.

Instructions (Steps by steps guide)

1.) Clean the surface

The first step to cleaning a waffle maker is to remove the leftover batter and grease on the outside. This grease could be from the batter itself or the cooking oil spray.

A paper towel is great to wipe the outside of the waffle maker. Once you have removed the grease from the outside, it is time to work on the inside.

2.) Remove the batter and grease from the plates

You can use the same paper towel, flip it to wipe the inside clean. Now that you removed the grease and the chunk of leftover batter, it is time to remove those small pieces inside the tight spots.

Grab a new paper towel, fold it and wipe clean those hard-to-reach spots. You will be surprised at how much residue you will find.

3.) Brush away the crumbs

There might be a few crumbs left inside. There is no need to repeat the paper towel process. You can brush it off using a soft-bristled brush.

4.) Light wash the plates

Warm soapy, a sponge, and a clean cloth are all the tools you need.

If the waffle makers’ plates are detachable, you are in luck. You can wash them in the sink, but please be careful, no need to scrub them roughly. If they don’t come off, wash them with a sponge and some soapy water.

Lightly wipe the sponge on the plates, or you may use a soft-bristled brush. Make sure not to use too much water as it may seep into the wiring.

You are not using the sponge or the brush to wipe away the thick layer of grease and batter. A deep clean like this will help loosen all of the residues, which can be wiped using a damp clean cloth.

Tips for Waffle Maker Maintenance

These are expensive kitchen appliances, so it is probably best to take care of your equipment, so you don’t have to buy a new one.

One thing which you should do is read the instruction manual. It comes with the box and is a helpful guide on how to maintain your waffle maker. You can also ask the salesperson for advice and go straight to the company website.

Clean your waffle maker after every use. It is quick and easy to do and helps to avoid the deep cleaning process. Avoid using a knife or any other sharp tool as it will scratch the surface.

You can also stop pancake batter from sticking to the surface of your waffle maker by using a cooking spray or brushing the plates with a little butter.

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