How Many Calories in a Dunkin Donut Blueberry Muffin

Dunkin Donuts is a well-known coffee and pastry chain. They offer a wide variety of pastries, including muffins. The blueberry muffin is a popular choice among customers.

But how many calories are in a Dunkin Donut blueberry muffin? The answer may surprise you. A single muffin contains 410 calories.

That’s more than double the amount of calories in a plain glazed donut, which has only 200 calories. So if you’re trying to watch your calorie intake, you might want to steer clear of the blueberry muffins at Dunkin Donuts.

A Dunkin Donut Blueberry Muffin contains 260 calories. This is higher than some other muffin options, but the taste and quality of a Dunkin Donut is worth it! The blueberry flavor is also a nice change from the usual chocolate or vanilla.

If you are watching your calorie intake, you may want to consider sharing this muffin with a friend.

How Many Calories in a Dunkin Donut Blueberry Muffin


Is a Blueberry Muffin Healthier Than a Donut?

Assuming you are comparing a standard blueberry muffin to a glazed donut from Krispy Kreme, the answer is yes, the muffin is healthier. A typical blueberry muffin has about 240-250 calories with 10 grams of fat while a Krispy Kreme glazed donut has 190 calories and 10 grams of fat. However, the Krispy Kreme donut does have less sugar at 9 grams compared to the muffin which has 21 grams.

When looking at nutrients, the muffin contains more fiber and protein than the donut. The muffin also contains calcium, iron, and potassium while the donut does not contain any of those nutrients. In conclusion, if you are trying to make a healthier choice, go with the blueberry muffin over the glazed donut.

How Many Calories in a Reduced Fat Blueberry Muffin from Dunkin Donuts?

According to the Dunkin’ Donuts website, a Reduced Fat Blueberry Muffin has 310 calories. The website also lists the following nutritional information for the muffin: Calories from Fat – 90, Total Fat – 10g, Saturated Fat – 3.5g, Trans Fat – 0g, Cholesterol – 35mg, Sodium – 390mg, Total Carbohydrate – 47g, Dietary Fiber – 2g, Sugars – 25g and Protein 5g.

Are Dunkin Muffins Unhealthy?

No food is inherently unhealthy – it’s all about moderation. That said, Dunkin’ Donuts muffins are not the healthiest option out there. A single Blueberry Streusel muffin, for example, has 420 calories, 21 grams of fat, and 31 grams of sugar.

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, you can try making your own muffins at home with whole wheat flour and natural sweeteners.

How Many Calories are in Dunkin Donuts Muffins?

Dunkin’ Donuts offers a wide variety of muffins, including blueberry, chocolate chip, and corn muffins. The calorie counts for these three varieties range from 420 to 510 calories per muffin.

Dunkin Blueberry Muffin Review

How Many Calories in a Dunkin Donuts Blueberry Donut

Blueberry donuts are a delicious and easy way to start your day. But how many calories are in a Dunkin Donuts blueberry donut? A single Dunkin Donuts blueberry donut has 310 calories.

That’s quite a lot of calories for such a small treat! If you’re watching your weight, it’s best to enjoy this indulgence in moderation. Here’s the nutritional breakdown of a Dunkin Donuts blueberry donut:

Calories: 310 Fat: 17 grams Saturated Fat: 8 grams

Trans Fat: 0 grams Cholesterol: 30 milligrams Sodium: 320 milligrams

Dunkin’ Donuts Muffin Calories

Dunkin’ Donuts is a coffee and baked goods chain with more than 12,000 locations in 36 countries. The company offers a wide variety of breakfast items, including muffins. While most people think of muffins as a healthy breakfast option, they can actually be very high in calories and fat.

A blueberry muffin from Dunkin’ Donuts contains 410 calories and 18 grams of fat, while a chocolate chip muffin has 420 calories and 19 grams of fat. For comparison, a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin has 300 calories and 12 grams of fat. While Dunkin’ Donuts muffins may not be the healthiest breakfast option, they are still a delicious treat.

If you’re looking to cut down on calories, you can always order a smaller size or share with a friend.

Reduced Fat Blueberry Muffin Dunkin Donuts Calories

If you’re watching your waistline, you might want to think twice before indulging in a reduced fat blueberry muffin from Dunkin’ Donuts. One of these tasty treats packs in 410 calories and 17 grams of fat. While the reduced fat label might make this muffin sound like a healthier choice, the calorie and fat content is still pretty high.

If you’re looking for a lighter snack, you might be better off opting for a fruit cup or one of Dunkin’s new mini donuts.

How Many Calories in a Dunkin’ Donuts Donut

Dunkin’ Donuts is a coffee and donut chain that is based in the United States. There are many different types of donuts available at Dunkin’ Donuts, but the most popular type is the glazed donut. A glazed donut from Dunkin’ Donuts has 260 calories.

The calorie content of other types of donuts varies, but most are around 200-300 calories each.

Dunkin Donuts Chocolate Chip Muffin Calories

When it comes to calorie-counting, every little bit counts. And when you’re trying to watch your weight, those little bits can add up quickly. So if you’re looking for a tasty but low-calorie treat, you might want to consider the Dunkin’ Donuts Chocolate Chip Muffin.

At just 310 calories, this muffin is a good option for anyone watching their waistline. And it’s not just low in calories – it’s also low in fat, with only 8 grams. Plus, it provides a good source of fiber and protein, with 4 grams and 5 grams respectively.

So if you’re craving something sweet but don’t want to sabotage your diet, the Dunkin’ Donuts Chocolate Chip Muffin might be just what you’re looking for.

Dunkin Blueberry Muffin

Dunkin Blueberry Muffin is one of the most popular muffins from Dunkin Donuts. It is made with blueberries, sugar, and eggs. The muffin has a soft and fluffy texture and it is very moist.

It is also one of the most affordable muffins from Dunkin Donuts.

Dunkin Donuts Corn Muffin Calories

Dunkin Donuts Corn Muffin Calories A corn muffin from Dunkin’ Donuts has 420 calories. It also has 22 grams of fat, of which 8 are saturated.

There are also 54 grams of carbohydrates in one muffin, including 2 grams of dietary fiber and 26 grams of sugar.

Dunkin Blueberry Muffin Ingredients

Dunkin’ Donuts Blueberry Muffins are a breakfast favorite. But have you ever stopped to think about what’s in them? Here’s a look at the ingredients:

Enriched Flour (Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Soybean and/or Canola Oil), Wild Blueberries, Water, Eggs, Dextrose, Contains 2% or less of each of the following: Whey , Salt , Leavening (Baking Soda , Sodium Aluminum Phosphate) , Mono- and Diglycerides , Soy Lecithin . These muffins are made with enriched flour which means that the wheat flour has been fortified with nutrients like niacin, iron and folic acid. The sugar content is pretty high – each muffin has about 17 grams of sugar.

The blueberries are actual wild blueberries – not just dyed bits of batter. And finally – there are eggs and soy lecithin in the mix too.


Are you a fan of Dunkin Donuts blueberry muffins? If so, you may be wondering how many calories are in one of these delicious pastries. According to the website Calorie Count, a medium-sized blueberry muffin from Dunkin Donuts contains 310 calories.

This means that if you were to eat two of these muffins, you would be consuming 620 calories. Of course, the number of calories in a Dunkin Donut blueberry muffin will vary depending on the size of the muffin. For example, a small blueberry muffin from Dunkin Donuts contains 250 calories while a large blueberry muffin contains 350 calories.

So, if you’re watching your calorie intake, be sure to check the label before indulging in one of these tasty treats!

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