How Many Calories in a Jelly Doughnut

A jelly doughnut has about 300 calories. Most of those calories come from the carbohydrates in the dough and the sugar in the jelly. The fat content is relatively low, but there are still some unhealthy fats present.

A jelly doughnut may not seem like a particularly unhealthy treat, but it can pack quite a calorie punch! A single jelly doughnut can have over 200 calories, and if you’re indulging in more than one, the calorie count can really start to add up. Of course, all those calories come from the tasty combination of fried dough filled with sweet jelly or cream.

So if you’re looking to indulge in a jelly doughnut (or two), just be aware of the calorie content and enjoy responsibly!

How Many Calories in a Jelly Doughnut


How Many Calories are in a Bakery Jelly Donut?

Most bakery jelly donuts contain between 200 and 300 calories. However, this can vary depending on the size of the donut and the ingredients used. For example, a small jelly donut may contain around 200 calories, while a large jelly donut could have over 300 calories.

The calorie content also varies depending on whether the donut is fried or baked. Fried jelly donuts tend to be higher in calories than baked ones.

How Many Calories is a Glazed Jelly Donut?

A glazed jelly donut from a popular national chain contains about 400 calories. The number of calories in a jelly donut can vary depending on the size and ingredients used, but a typical jelly donut has around 300-350 calories.

What Donut is Lowest in Calories?

There are a lot of different types of donuts out there, and the one that is lowest in calories may surprise you. The plain old fashioned donut actually contains the least amount of calories, clocking in at around 220 calories. If you are looking for a slightly healthier option, consider a cake donut, which has around 240 calories.

And if you want something a little more indulgent, opt for a glazed donut, which has about 300 calories. So, when it comes to choosing the lowest calorie donut, it really depends on what your preferences are!

How Many Calories Does an Average Jam Doughnut Have?

A jam doughnut typically contains between 200 and 300 calories. The exact number of calories will depend on the size and ingredients of the doughnut. For example, a jam doughnut made with enriched flour, sugar, butter, eggs and jam filling will have more calories than a plainer version made with whole wheat flour and without any added fat.

Jam doughnuts are also often fried in oil, which adds calories. Most people consume about 2,000-3,000 calories per day, so a single jam doughnut would make up 10-15% of the average person’s daily caloric intake. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying an occasional treat, eating too many high-calorie foods can lead to weight gain over time.

If you’re watching your weight or trying to eat healthy, it’s important to limit your intake of sugary snacks like jam doughnuts.

How Many Carbs In A Jelly Doughnut ?

How Many Calories in a Jelly Filled Dunkin Donut

For many of us, donuts are a delicious treat that we enjoy on occassion. But have you ever wondered how many calories are in your favorite jelly filled donut from Dunkin Donuts? Well, according to their website, one jelly filled donut has 240 calories.

Now, this may not seem like a lot, but remember that these are just empty calories with no nutritional value. So, if you’re watching your weight or trying to eat healthy, you may want to limit your intake of jelly filled donuts. Of course, if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to the traditional jelly filled donut, Dunkin Donuts also offers a variety of other options including baked goods and protein shakes.

So be sure to check out their full menu before making your final selection.

Calories in a Jelly Filled Donut With Icing

When you think of a jelly filled donut, you might not immediately think of something that’s packed with calories. But the truth is, these sweet treats can be quite calorie-dense – especially if they’re topped with icing. One popular brand of jelly filled donuts with icing clocks in at 310 calories each.

And that’s just for one small donut! If you’re planning on enjoying more than one, you could be easily consuming over 600 calories. Of course, the number of calories in a jelly filled donut will vary depending on the brand and size.

But even if you choose a lower calorie option, it’s still important to be mindful of how many you’re eating. After all, it’s easy to mindlessly munch on these delicious pastries – and before you know it, you could have consumed way more calories than you intended. If you’re watching your waistline, it’s best to enjoy jelly filled donuts in moderation.

Or better yet, save them for special occasions and indulge in just one or two. With their high calorie counts, they definitely aren’t an everyday food!

How Many Calories in a Glazed Donut

A glazed donut from a popular chain restaurant contains 360 calories. Of those, 210 are from fat, 80 of which are saturated. The rest of the calories come from carbohydrates (150) and protein (6).

There is also 12 grams of sugar and 6 grams of fiber in a glazed donut.

How Many Calories in a Boston Cream Donut

A Boston cream donut from Dunkin’ Donuts has 310 calories. If you were to burn off those calories, it would take about 33 minutes of running or 1 hour and 8 minutes of walking.

Jelly Donut

A jelly donut is a type of donut that is filled with jelly, typically fruit jelly. The dough of a jelly donut is often flavored with vanilla or cream and fried until it is golden brown in color. Once the donut has been fried, it is then injected with jelly through a small hole in the side of the pastry using a syringe.

Jelly donuts are popular in many countries around the world including the United States, Canada, Poland, Germany, and Brazil. In the United States, they are often sold at bakeries and coffee shops. In Brazil, however, Jelly Donuts are commonly found on street corners as they are a popular snack food.

When it comes to flavor combinations, there really are no limits! Some of our favorite flavor combinations include raspberry jelly with vanilla dough or strawberry jelly with chocolate dough. But feel free to experiment and come up with your own unique flavor combination – we’re sure it will be delicious!

Calories Jelly Doughnut Krispy Kreme

A jelly doughnut from Krispy Kreme contains 190 calories. Of those, 90 are from fat, 50 of which are from saturated fat. The other 100 calories come from carbohydrates and sugar.

Dunkin Donuts Raspberry Filled Donut Calories

If you’re a fan of raspberry-filled donuts, you’ll be happy to know that Dunkin’ Donuts offers a delicious option. The Raspberry Filled Donut from Dunkin’ Donuts contains 260 calories, with 110 of those calories coming from fat. This particular donut is also relatively high in sugar, with 19 grams per serving.

However, it is relatively low in sodium, with only 140 milligrams. When it comes to the ingredients list, the first thing you’ll notice is that this donut contains bleached wheat flour. Bleached wheat flour is a type of flour that has been treated with chemicals in order to make it whiter in color.

This process can impact the nutritional value of the flour, making it less healthy than unbleached wheat flour. Despite containing bleached wheat flour, the Dunkin’ Donuts Raspberry Filled Donut does have some redeeming qualities from a nutritional standpoint. For example, it contains 2 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein.

It also contains vitamin A and iron.

Custard Donut Calories

Are you a fan of custard donuts? If so, you’re in luck! Custard donuts are not only delicious, but they’re also relatively low in calories.

One medium custard donut has just over 200 calories, and most of those come from the carbohydrates in the dough. The good news is that the majority of those carbs are complex carbohydrates, which means they’ll take longer to digest and won’t cause spikes in your blood sugar levels. In addition to being low in calories, custard donuts are also a good source of protein.

Each donut has about 4 grams of protein, which can help keep you feeling full after eating one. So next time you’re craving a sweet treat, reach for a custard donut instead of something else. You’ll be glad you did!


A jelly doughnut typically contains about 300 calories. The majority of those calories come from carbohydrates and fat.

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