How To Clean A Waffle Cone Maker (Full Guide)

Like any other kitchen appliance, a waffle cone maker will get mucky if it is not cleaned regularly. Many suggest that cleaning the waffle maker after every use will guarantee that it will last longer. The guarantee part is not 100% confirmed, but you should wipe it whenever operated. The reason is to clear the oil and the leftover batter.

Cleaning a waffle cone maker is easy. The plates are not that deep compared to a traditional waffle maker, so brushing the remaining batter and any crumbs will prove to be a straightforward task. Also, if your waffle cone maker has a non-stick surface, it will make the cleaning process considerably easy. You not only have to clean the interior but the outer part also.

How to clean waffle cone maker

Why clean a waffle cone maker?

As tempting as it is to leave the waffle cone maker in its little corner, wiping it clean is recommended. A waffle cone maker straight from the box is brand new, and after a couple of uses, it will still be brand new. The non-stick plates and the shiny exterior creates an illusion that the appliance doesn’t need any maintenance in any way.

However, if you examine the plates closely, you will see a couple of things:

1.) Waffle cone batter residue.

2.) Mucky texture caused by the cooking spray oil, preventing the batter from sticking to the plates.

Even though the company claims the waffle plates are non-stick, we still spray the top and bottom with cooking oil. If the oil is not wiped clean from the plates, it accumulates and transforms into a mucky, slimy surface. The color is usually the same as the waffle cone maker plates, making it hard to identify at first glance.

Now you understand why it is necessary to clean the waffle cone maker. Otherwise, the batter may stick to the freshly cooked waffle cones

Cleaning Equipment

Here are a few tools needed to clean a waffle cone maker:

  1. Sponge
  2. Brush with soft bristles
  3. Paper towel
  4. Dry cloth

A sponge is needed to wipe the exterior clean, but it is not mandatory. You do need a soft brush to wipe the plates. If the brush bristles are hard, there is a risk of scratching the non-stick surface. Fold a paper towel and run it between the grids to ensure that you clean every nook and cranny.

Step by step guide to clean a waffle cone maker

When you have prepared the waffle cones, unplug the machine, leave the top lid open and allow the plates to cool down before you begin cleaning. Remember, you have to wipe the plates, so it should be cool to the touch, or you might burn yourself.

Don’t disassemble your waffle cone maker to clean the parts separately, and don’t put it in the dishwasher. It is an electronic device and the water may get into the wiring.

You have to clean the interior and exterior. Let’s start with the inside of the waffle cone maker and then make our way to the body

Cleaning the interior

1.) Press the standby button and unplug the device kitchen appliance.

2.) Allow it to cool, and then clean the plates.

3.) Using the pastry brush, wipe away the excess batter and any crumbs. Avoid utilizing sharp or metal objects to remove the batter because they may scratch the waffle cone plates.

4.) Wipe the excess cooking oil from the plates using a paper towel. If not cleaned, the oil transforms into a mucky texture and may get mixed with your waffle cone batter.

5.) You can also use a clean cloth to wipe the oil and batter from the grids.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a process to successfully remove the batter that is completely stuck to the plates. Sometimes the waffle cone batter doesn’t come off. So, instead of using a sharp object, like a knife or fork to pick the batter, you can steam it.

Pour a little cooking oil onto the baked batter, close the lid and let it cook for approximately 5 minutes. Open the lid and easily remove the batter that is now soft.

Another way is to use a damp cloth. Cover the plates, close the waffle cone maker and turn on the device for 5 minutes. When you open it, you will see that the leftover waffle batter is now soft and can be easily removed.

Cleaning the exterior

1.) With a soft dry cloth, you can wipe the body with ease. The material is usually stainless steel, so never use an abrasive cleanser or harsh pad to remove the overflown batter.

2.) Do not put the waffle cone maker in the sink and wash it with water. It is an electronic device and may short circuit.


If you have a waffle maker or used one in the past, cleaning a waffle cone maker is not different. Make sure you waffle the above steps and clean it after every use. A device such as this has a long life span if properly maintained.

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