How To Cook Eggo Waffles (Details Guide)

Eggo waffles are your go-to waffles when you are in a rush. Skip the waffle batter preparation and dish cleaning chores and dive straight into your breakfasts.

These frozen waffles are easy to cook, crispy, fluffy, and golden in color, just like the traditional homemade waffles.

The best way to cook them is in a toaster. Slide them in, and the waffles will pop out when ready. Toasting the Eggo waffles is not the only way to cook them. There are other ways to prepare the waffles and serve them to your family for breakfast. If you’re interested in alternative cooking methods, continue reading.

Here are 5 different ways to cook waffles.

How to cook Eggo waffles

How to cook Eggo waffles in the microwave

Eggo waffles have passed the microwave cooking test. It takes approximately a minute to cook the waffles. Flip the waffles after thirty seconds, so both sides are heated equally. The time may vary depending on the size of the frozen Eggo waffles.

Even though Eggo waffles can be cooked, microwaving them is not suitable. You will be serving non-crispy, soggy waffles for breakfast.


1.) Put the waffles on a microwave-safe plate covered with a paper towel. If you want to stack the waffles on top of each other, add a paper towel between them. In this way, the water from the frozen waffles is absorbed.

2.) Set the timer to thirty seconds, flip them, and heat them for thirty seconds again. Be careful when you flip the waffles because they may be hot to handle.

3.) Remove the plate from the microwave and discard the paper towel.

4.) Drizzle the waffles with your favorite syrup or any other toppings and enjoy.

The waffles may turn out soggy, but cooking time is a minute or two. A great choice if you’re in a rush.

How to air fry Eggo waffles

If you have an air fryer, you can use it to prepare Eggo waffles for breakfast. It is easy to cook and doesn’t take a considerable amount of time.

1.) You can’t drop the waffle straight into the basket. First, you have to preheat the air fryer to 360 F.

2.) Once preheated, remove the basket and add the waffles. Don’t stack the waffles on top of each other. You can cook a pair of waffles at a time.

3.) Insert the basket back into the air fryer and make sure it is properly locked.

4.) Cook the waffles for 4 – 5 minutes at the same temperature.

5.) When the time is over, remove the basket and dish the waffles.

How to cook Eggo waffles in a toaster

A toaster is the best way to cook Eggo waffles because it comes out crispy like any waffle should be. To toast your Eggo waffles to perfection, here are the steps you should follow.

1.) Grab your frozen waffles and slide them into the toaster.

2.) Before you push the level, study the settings. If your toaster has a frozen option, you may want to select that. If not, turn the dial to a high level.

3.) Push the lever down and wait for your waffles to cook. The time it takes depends on the settings you have chosen.

4.) Once the waffles are cooked and are crispy, the toaster will pop them right out.

5.) If you want a darker colored waffle, slide it back into the toaster again but go light on the settings. The toaster is already warm, and your waffle is cooked. Set the dial to a low; so the waffles don’t burn. If you pick up a scent of burning waffles, unplug the kitchen appliance and pull them out.

How to bake Eggo waffles

Frozen Eggo waffles can also be baked using an oven. They will have a beautiful crispy and fluffy texture and a nice brown color on both sides.

1.) Preheat your oven to 450 F. It should take a few minutes.

2.) When your oven is preheated, open the lid and place your waffles on a baking sheet.

3.) Cook your waffles for approximately 5 minutes. The time may vary so you have to keep an eye on them and make sure they are crispy when you take them out of the oven.

You will be serving your family a real appetizing breakfast.

How to pan-fry Eggo waffles

Cooking Eggo waffles on a pan is another easy way. You can enhance the flavor by adding a few drops of oil or cooking it with butter. The waffles will come out soft. If you’re looking for crunchy waffles, you should toast them.

Why would you pan-fry Eggo waffles if they won’t come out crunchy? You can unleash your creativity. The pan serves as a base for various cooking methods. The toasting and microwaving limitations are removed. These boundaries will not control your willingness to create the most delicious waffles for breakfast.

Oil is an option, but butter is a recommended preference, and this is what you should do when frying waffles. You need Eggo waffles, butter, a preheated pan, and let’s include a syrup also.

1.) Preheat the pan and set the flame to low. A high flame would burn the butter and the waffle.

2.) You can melt the butter in the pan, but another way to do it is to spread it on both sides of the waffles. A spreadable butter on a waffle will give you more control over the amount you like to use.

3.) Gently place the waffle on the preheated pan. You will hear a sizzling sound. There is no need to panic, and please do not start moving the waffle around. If you have set the flame too low, then your waffles will not burn and cling to the pan. Also, the butter acts as a shield, preventing the waffles from sticking.

4.) Depending on the size of the pan, fill it up with waffles without overcrowding.

5.) Don’t let the waffles sit for long. Grab a spatula and flip the waffles after approximately thirty seconds. Cook the waffles on both sides till they are the same color.

6.) When done, dish your waffles. You don’t want to keep them on the pan for long because they will burn.

7.) Now for the syrup. Drizzle your favorite syrup on your waffles. Be generous and fill all the pockets if you want.

If you love the taste of butter waffles, you would probably forget about toasting them again.

All About Eggo Waffles

Eggo waffles are a great treat to have on the weekends or any other day whenever the sweet urges occur. Waffles are plain, and sweetness is because of the toppings, but there is something about the crispy texture. It lures you to bite and enjoy every moment of it, hence the waffle cravings.

If you are a die-hard fan of Eggo waffles, here is a bit of a history lesson. Eggos, formally known as Froffles, was invented in the year 1953. Froffles are short for frozen waffles. Luckily the name did not last long and was changed to Eggos in 1955.

People buy Eggo waffles because they are easy to make, minimizing the overwhelming responsibility of cooking breakfasts for kids seven days a week but are they healthy?

Unfortunately, ignoring the health issues related to processed food items is a bad habit rooted in our society. Only the health-conscious also dubbed the health freaks bother to read the nutritional values written on the box.

You will be pleased to know the Eggo waffles contain 9 vitamins and minerals and have no article flavors and colors. These vitamins and minerals help to win the healthy or non-healthy debate. If kids cry for waffles, you should cook Eggo waffles, but don’t overdo it. Excess of everything is wrong, specifically 180 calories per serving.

The best thing about these frozen waffles is you can buy a box, hide it in the freezer, and cook it for Sunday breakfast only. The kids will get all the nutritional values, and their sugar level will not go off the charts.

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