How To Defrost A Mini Fridge

Either you are using a mini fridge for your college dorm or in your home, defrosting comes as a priority to make it work properly and for a longer period. Mini Fridges are a smaller version of refrigerators and are generally used for keeping a small amount of food. Cold beverages like Cold Drinks, Wine, Juice are preferable to keep in a Mini Fridge.

At present, some Mini Fridges come with an automatic defrosting system or self-defrosting system. There is a mini-fridge defrost button located in the fridge. But for older fridges, it becomes difficult to defrost it. As they don’t come with a defrost button. You need to clean it manually by yourself. For this, you must be wanting an easier and time-saving way to do it, right?

Here, I am going to help you out with this issue.

How To Defrost A Mini Fridge

Why Do You need To Defrost Your Mini Fridge?

Well, the answer is simple. To keep your fridge work longer and appropriately you need to defrost it. Now, this question arises, How long does it take to defrost a mini-fridge?

Some people would say it takes a proper 24 hours to defrost a  mini-fridge. Some would say it will take 1 or 8 hours to defrost it.

But, honestly speaking,  it depends on the way you are defrosting your mini fridge. So, you need to be careful in choosing the method of defrosting.

What Do You Need To Defrost?

The things you need to defrost your mini-fridge varies on the methods. Here, I am listing some essentials for you to make it easier. And these things are almost common for all the ways of defrosting a fridge.

  • A towel or cloth
  • A stand fan or a blow dryer
  • A hot water bowl
  • A dry cloth to clean
  • Detergent Powder or Baking Soda to wash

Safety Precautions: 

Before defrosting your mini fridge, the thing you need to be most careful about is your and the fridge’s safety. To avoid any kind of accident while defrosting,

Firstly, turn off the fridge or turn the main switch off.

Then, unplug the fridge and open the door.

You may face problems or get an electric shock if you do not maintain these safety precautions. 

There is another thing to take care of.  We often do this which we shouldn’t. That is, scratching the ice with any sharp or metal piece. It can puncture the inside tube or can break your possession. You do not want this. Isn’t it? 

Steps To Defrost:

Now, it is time to defrost your mini fridge. Here, I am going to provide you some quick and easy steps on How to defrost a mini-fridge without making a mess.

Step 1: Make The Fridge Empty:

Open the door of your mini fridge and take out all the foods and beverages kept there. Make sure the fridge is empty before hopping into the main procedure.

You can start by taking out foods that are kept longer and eat them.  

Step 2: Switch Off:

Do not put your hands inside the fridge to clean if you have not turned off the main switch. It may take you to any unpleasant incident. 

Turn off the fridge and for more safety turn off the main power switch as well.

Step 3: Keep The Door Open And Place Towels:

Keep the door open of the fridge and let the ice melt in the normal temperature. There are several alternatives to it. Try out the best suits for you.

Remember, place towels on the racks so that, they soak the melting ice as water and do not make a mess for you.


  • Hot water bowl: Place a hot water bowl amid the fridge. It will melt the ice quicker than at normal temperature.
  • Hot water-dipped towel: Dip a towel in a bowl of hot water and wipe over the ice. The temperature will ease the ice to meltdown. You can also wipe the doors and corners with it, the stains of food and drinks will also clear out in this process.
  • Stand fan: Keep the door open and place a stand fan in front of the fridge. Turn on the fan and the air will provide you with faster service to melt the ice built up in the fridge.
  • Blow dryer: Some people also use blow dryers over the ice to melt the ice quicker. But it takes more effort to do that. You have to hold the blow dryer and move that standing in front of the fridge for hours.
  • Spatula: Scratching off the ice with a wooden spatula is a good idea. But again, you have to present in front of the fridge for hours.

Step 4: Remove The Washables: 

When the ice melts properly, take out the removable and wash them if they are dishwasher safe. You can rinse them with hot water mixed with detergent to get a better clean up.

Step 5: Wash With Detergent or Baking Soda:

Washing the removable with a mixed detergent hot water is best. You can also rinse the door and inside the walls of the fridge. Dip a cloth or towel into a baking soda mixed water and wipe over the places you want to clean.   

Step 6: Wipe With A Dry Cloth:

After the rinse completes, take a dry cloth and wipe again properly. Make sure the wiping doesn’t let any drop of water to remain inside the fridge.  

Step 7: Let Dry:

Keep the door open of the fridge and let it dry. You can also place a stand fan in front of it to make the work done quicker.

Step 8: Re-assemble:

After drying it properly reassemble the fridge placing the racks and cases in their place. 

Step 9: Plugin:

Plugin the line with the fridge and put the foods and beverages inside it as it was before.

Step 10: Turn On The Main Switch:

Now, close the door of your fridge and turn on the power switches to make it start work again. Don’t forget to readjust the cooling temperature of the fridge.


Your possessions mean and cost much to you. To make them work longer and to extend their lifetime, taking care of them is a must. 

In the case of your mini fridge, you can surely follow these easy steps to defrost and clean it.


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