How To Keep Waffles From Sticking To Waffle Maker (6 Ways)

You just created a batch of waffles for breakfast, you open the lid, and using your fingers, grab the edges of the waffle pockets to pull it out, but it is stuck. You then hold a fork in one hand, partnered with a pair of tongs in the other hand to pull your waffles out.

Waffles tend to stick to the waffle maker if the batter or the iron plates are not properly oiled. If you have a nonstick ceramic waffle maker, you may not face this problem, not regularly at least.

To prevent waffles from sticking, use a pastry brush and coat the plates with oil. Remember to add oil in your waffle batter or add a fatty ingredient like butter.

How to keep waffles from sticking to waffle maker

Why Do Waffles Stick To A Waffle Iron

If you find your waffles sticking to the grids, there are plenty of reasons why this occurs. However, the two main culprits that can be held responsible are the batter and the waffle maker itself.

Insufficient oil or fatty ingredients such as butter or the absence of egg yolk may cause your waffles to stick to the waffle maker. So you should use the best kind of oil for waffles.

Before you pour the batter, make sure that the waffle maker is superheated. Depending on your waffle maker, it may take around 10 – 15 minutes to preheat. Read the instruction handbook accompanied by your waffle maker. A cold waffle maker will not cook the batter properly. The result will be a soggy, unevenly brown waffle.

How To Keep Waffles From Sticking To Waffle Maker

Dealing with sticky waffles is a real letdown, primarily if you end up with a tug of war battle. If you manage to pull your waffle out, part of the bottom may still be clinging to the base of the iron plate. So you will end up with a split waffle.

If your waffles are super gluey, here are some steps you can follow to keep waffles from sticky to the waffle maker. It is not mandatory to follow all of the steps. Please read them, see what you are doing wrong or what you assume you should be doing, and execute those suggestions.

1.) Preheat your waffle maker

While you’re preparing your batter, turn your waffle maker on so that when it is time to pour your batter in, the waffle maker will be sufficiently hot. The recommended time is around 15 – 20 minutes.

Here is a quick test you can do before pouring your batter. Sprinkle some water on the plates, and if you hear a sizzle, this means your waffle maker has reached the required temperature to cook the batter.

After minutes of waiting, if the waffle maker is still not warm enough, turn up the heat to the maximum. If you are still facing difficulties, consider buying a new one.

2.) Use eggs

If you are not using eggs in your recipe, give it a try. Eggs seem to act as a nonstick agent, allowing the waffles to come out. Mix the egg white and egg yolk separately to make fluffy waffles. In the egg white bowl, add sugar and whisk it. The texture should become like a puff pastry, soft and fluffy.

3.) Cook your waffles properly

Don’t be in a rush when preparing waffles. A regular waffle would take approximately 6 minutes, but a Belgian waffle might take longer. If you open the lid early, the batter will be undercooked and might split and cling to the top. Some waffle makers come with a timer that you can set. It will start beeping when the timer expires, informing that the waffles are ready to be served. If you want to make waffle batter the night before you can do that.

Here is another tip, check the steam. Do not open the lid while the steam is emitting from the sides of the waffle. Once it stops, this means your waffles are ready to eat. If you’re using freezing batter then read my post about freezing and cooking with waffle batter.

4.) Do not use cooking sprays

With a pastry brush, stroke the plates of your waffle using oil or butter, but do not use cooking sprays. Cooking sprays, although widely used, are not recommended. The spray, when used regularly starts forming a sticky substance on the iron plates. If you do not clean your waffle maker regularly, this yucky, sticky substance will mix with your batter, and unknowingly you will be ingesting a health hazard.

This tacky substance can also be a reason why the waffles keep sticking to your waffle maker. Instead of a cooking spray, a great alternative is to use butter. You can melt the butter in the microwave and then using a brush, coat the iron plates or grab a solid bar and spread it on your waffle iron.

5.) Add that fat in your batter

To prevent waffles from sticking to the waffle maker, you need to add an ingredient rich in fat. Some tend to avoid using fatty substances because they are for their help. If your a gym addict and are having waffles on your cheat day, then a slab of butter will not do you any harm unless you enjoy eating sticky, torn-up waffles.

6.) Clean your waffle maker after every use

Do you clean your clean waffle maker after every use? If not, then make this a habit. Not only will this extend the life of the waffle maker, but it will also prevent that gummy substance from the cooking spray in making the waffle maker a permanent home.

When your waffle is ready, dish it out, eat it enjoy it and leave the waffle maker lid open and allow it to cool. When done with your mouthwatering waffle, return to the kitchen, seize a dry, clean cloth and wipe the plates of your waffle maker. Nothing more, nothing less. Wiping it after every use will remove the oil caused by the cooking spray, butter, or batter.

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