How To Make Krusteaz Waffles Better (Best Way)

If you are in a rush, it is a natural indication to go for the ready-made waffle batter available in the market. One of the well-known brands you can spot in any store is Krusteaz waffles. Depending on the type of mix you have, you may need to add water, oil, or eggs. Add all or maybe just one of these ingredients into the mix to cook a Belgian or a regular waffle.

Note: To make Belgian waffles, you must have a Belgian waffle maker.

Many say that Krusteaz waffles are amazing but can’t defeat the taste of the delicious homemade waffles. Luckily, the Krusteaz waffle mix is versatile. You can add more ingredients or substitute the mentioned ingredients on the backside of the box with something more tasteful.

If you’re interested to learn how to make Krusteaz waffles better, keep on reading.

how to make krusteaz waffles better

Why improve Krusteaz waffles?

Even though there are positive reviews about Krusteaz waffles, many believe there is room for improvement, saying that the mix is acceptable but is overlooking the fundamental ingredient. Here are some of the reviews by customers who have followed the recipe from the box and described why it needs improvement.

There is a lot of contradiction about the taste and appearance. Some say the Krusteaz waffles don’t taste very good. It is thick, heavy, and unappealing. While others claim when they follow the recipe, the waffles come out thin and soft.

Some other disappointing reviews stated that the mix is a big letdown. The waffles turn out crispy, fluffy, and perfect golden color, but it tastes like cardboard.

How to improve Krusteaz waffles?

So now that you know why the waffle batter needs improvement, it is time to learn how to make Krusteaz waffles better.

Substitute the ingredients

The first thing you need to do is read the ingredients on the box carefully. The package provides a list of extra ingredients to add to the mix. Here are three of the most typical components you would assumably read on the box, water, oil, and eggs.

Now, it is time to replace the ingredients with something more pleasing that would enrich the flavor of the waffles.

Substitute for water

Another common household ingredient that serves as a substitute for water is milk. Regular milk is an option, but there is more. Instead of going for plain old milk, you can opt for buttermilk, almond milk, nut milk, or whole milk. Anyone of those alternates will improve the texture and taste of the waffles.

Substitute for oil

Melted butter is a common ingredient included in the waffle batter mix. Butter is a commodity that you cannot beat. It serves the same purpose as oil but enhances the taste of the waffles. They may even turn out more fluffy.

If you decide to stick with oil, go for olive oil. It will add more taste compared to cooking oil.

Substitute for eggs

There are dozens of alternatives for eggs, but they may not be as effective if used as a base ingredient. Eggs give the waffles a structure and serve as a binding agent. So, finding a substitute that will act the exact way is critical. If you want to try and swap eggs with a different element, here are some things you can sample.

Yogurt is a good source of nutrition and can bind the waffles. You can go for plain yogurt or give a flavored yogurt a chance.

Mashed bananas will improve the texture and taste of the waffles considerably. Some say that mashed bananas are fabulous for binding all of the ingredients.

Flaxseed mixed in warm water is another option that works quite well. However, not all may agree with the taste.

Add more ingredients

We talked about substituting the ingredients but did you know you can follow the box ingredients and make Krusteaz waffles better by throwing in a few other components?

If you’re not sure how to start, here are a few recipe ideas to give you a push.

Chocolate chip waffles

Kids love chocolate, so nothing beats a chocolate chip waffle for breakfast. You only have to add a few in the waffle mix, preferably half a cup, and whisk it with the base ingredients. You can top it with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Lemon waffles

If your taste buds are on the tangy side, you can stir in some fresh lemon zest. Two tablespoons of finely grated lemons are sufficient. Blueberries or blueberry syrup is an excellent topping for lemon waffles.

Cinnamon or vanilla extract

Adding a small amount of cinnamon or vanilla can turn those bland waffles super tasty. Remember, the cinnamon should be a powder and not the stick chopped into pieces. It won’t cook properly, and it will be difficult to swallow the waffles.

It is not difficult to alter the waffles. The additional ingredient or ingredients you will add only need to be whisked with the waffle mix. You don’t need any particular kitchen appliances or cooking skills. So, if you’re one of those who say that Krusteaz waffles taste like cardboard, you must add some extra components into the waffle mix.


Waffles by themselves don’t contain must taste, especially if you are having regular waffles. That is why toppings are essential. Having the best waffle toppings can truthfully be an amazing addition.

There is no best waffle topping. It all depends on your preference, but here are a few you can add.

1.) Honey

2.) Syrups

3.) Berries

4.) Icecream

5.) Whipped cream

You are not limited to one topping. You can mix and match. Remember to fill in those deep pockets if you’re pouring syrup to enjoy a mouthful of delicious sweet waffles.

How to make Krusteaz waffles out of the box?

If you aim to enjoy Krusteaz waffles out of the box instead of swapping the ingredients or updating the mix, then you should consider measuring the base ingredients.

A common mistake done by many is, they don’t follow the recipe to the point and blindly throw in the told elements without any respect for exact measurement.

Overmixing is also a common problem. You’re not wrestling the ingredients, you have to mix them well, with a light hand, till you are sure that they are no big lumps.

Another step you must do is preheat your waffle maker. When you pour the waffle mix, you should hear a sizzling sound and see the steam as soon as the batter touches the hot iron plates. Nowadays, all waffle makers will preheat to the right temperature. If this isn’t the case with your waffle maker, it looks like you may need to buy a new one.


There are numerous ways to make Krusteaz waffles taste better. You need to be creative, be confident in your cooking skills, and not be afraid to experiment with different ingredients.

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