How To Make Waffles With Pancake Mix (Easiest Tricks)

If you have a pancake mix and have a craving to eat waffles for breakfast, you may be wondering if it is possible to make waffles with a pancake mix.

You have skimmed through the ingredients on the box, hoping to find a waffle recipe, but to your dismay, this mix is solely for cooking pancakes.

You may be pondering over the idea of adding a few eggs and flour into the mix to make the batter thick for a waffle, but the question is will it work?

Yes, you can make waffles with pancake mix, but first, you need to convert that mix into a waffle mix. You need to add some extra fat into the mix. Buttermilk, butter, oil are some of the ingredients you can add. The waffles will come out nice, soft and crispy.

how to make waffles with pancake mix

Difference Between Waffle Batter and Pancake Mix

Even though waffle batter and pancake mix have similar ingredients, they are still different in their way. Diving into a list of dissimilarities is a waste of time. However, the one main distinguishing feature you should know is the texture.

You can find an excess of waffle recipes online, one different from the other. The texture is the main thing you should master in both waffles and pancakes.

The waffle batter texture should be thick and fluffy. If you tilt the mixing bowl, the batter should flow gradually and not rush as you rock the bowl back and forth.

The pancake batter is runny. A thick batter means it will not be a proper pancake. It should not be too watery, causing a mess all over your kitchen as soon as you pour it.

The texture is the main difference between a waffle batter and a pancake mix.

How to make waffles with pancake mix?

Remember, you are using pancake mix to prepare waffles. So what does this mean? It means that it will be runny, not thick. You want your pancake mix to be dense enough so you can prepare good waffles.

Since you are improvising, making waffles using a pancake mix, the waffles will not turn out to be great. But it will satisfy your hunger for waffles. So having something is better than nothing at all.

Here is how you can make waffles with pancake mix. A few tips and tricks you should follow.

  1. First, check the brand of pancake mix you are using. Some pancake mix will be instant; you only have to add water. Other pancake mixes will require you to add a couple of extra ingredients like eggs, milk, etc. You may even be using a two-in-one mixture, with which you can prepare pancakes and waffles.
  2. To make pancake mix into waffles, you need to add an extra bit of fat into the mix. Buttermilk, coconut oil, butter are a few ingredients you can use. Take a cup of pancake mix and add one of these elements. You have to experiment with the quantity required to add to the mix. I would suggest taking a cup of pancake mix and adding a couple of tablespoons. Properly whisk the mixture and prepare a waffle. If it is unsuccessful, go back to the drawing board.
  3. Add sugar for an outside crispy and brown texture. Pancake mix doesn’t contain a decent amount of sugar required for the beautiful waffle texture. So add a couple of tablespoons.
  4. Once you have added the necessary ingredients, whisk it properly, and allow the batter to sit for some time to thicken. The batter will rise, and this will make the waffles fluffy.

So this is how you can transform a pancake mix to make waffles for breakfast. The main ingredients are fat and sugar, but the quantity depends on the pancake mix you are using.

Tips for Making Great Waffles

So, you successfully converted your pancake mix into a waffle batter and are super excited to test your first batch. Here are a few suggestions you should heed to make incredible waffles for breakfast.

1.) Make sure the waffle consistency is perfect and there are no lumps.

2.) Preheat your Ceramic waffle maker and then pour in the batter. The waffle plates should sizzle when it comes in contact with the batter.

3.) Brush the iron plates with oil or run a slab of butter so that the waffle batter doesn’t get stuck.

4.) If you are making tons of waffles for breakfast, place the cooked waffles in a preheated oven. The waffles will remain warm, and the heat will make the waffles extra crispy on the outside.

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