10 Best Non Toxic Waffle Maker 2023 (Safest Teflon-Free)

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A good waffle maker is like a good pair of jeans. It’s a tool that you will use for years and years to come, so it’s important that you invest in one that is durable, versatile, and easy to maintain.

A great teflon free waffle maker should be able to produce crispy outside and fluffy inside waffles every single time, regardless of the batter or the recipe.

And most importantly it should be non-toxic in order not to cause any gastric discomfort. So, the selection of the top non-toxic waffle makers is the first priority.

We have carefully selected a list of the best non-toxic waffle makers and have taken into account all important factors. We recommend you to check out our top picks below before making your final decision.

My Recommended 10 Best Non Toxic Waffle Maker

Best Non Toxic Waffle Maker Reviews

We all know that waffles are delicious. And making them at home is a fun and easy way to enjoy this breakfast treat any time you want. Here are some of the best non-toxic waffle makers that you can use at home.

1. Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide

This is the product that will help you serve breakfast to your family and friends in a matter of minutes. It is easy to use, clean, and store.

If you’re in the market for a new waffle maker, then you should definitely consider this Presto 03510 Ceramic Flipside Belgian Waffle Maker.

The Presto 03510 features a rotating design that flips each waffle 180 degrees to ensure evenly cooked, crispy edges and fluffy centers every time.

The unique dual function base locks the unit into place when baking. So it doesn’t wobble or tip over during use.

The nonstick ceramic surface makes cleanup quick and easy and ensures perfect results with just a light touch of cooking spray. This model also comes with a countdown timer that signals when your waffles are ready to eat.

The Presto FlipSide 3510 is a budget-friendly flip model that is also quite compact. The grids lift out for easy removal and cleaning.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Indicator light for readiness
  • Rotating design bakes waffles in minutes
  • Locking mechanism secures waffle maker in vertical position for compact storage


  • The plate is not removable
  • No temperature adjustment system

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BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker

If you’re like most people, when you think of waffles the first thing that comes to mind is frozen ones. And no one wants to eat those. But what if you could create homemade waffles that taste as good as store-bought ones?

Well, we can’t give you a magic wand to make your waffles taste amazing, but we can tell you about the new BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker.

It’s so simple to use. With a flip of the lid, you can enjoy delicious waffles with no mess and no fuss. All it needs is a little batter and in just a few minutes you have four delicious homemade waffles.

It comes with a built-in timer that counts down, so you know when your waffles are ready, while an indicator light lets you know when it’s preheated and when it’s time to pour on the batter.

Plus, this waffle iron will make your waffles look as good as they taste.

This unique appliance flips your waffles 180 degrees to evenly brown both sides. Simply rotate it and cook away!

This is affordable, compact design makes it easy for you to take your breakfast on the go.


  • Easy cleanup with dishwasher-safe plates
  • Indicator light to determine that waffle is ready
  • Waffles are thicker and tastier than frozen waffles.
  • The waffle maker is easy to operate, flip it open and close to cook your favorite recipes.
  • Cool-touch handles


  • Plates don’t come off
  • Doesn’t work with 220v

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3. Dash Express 8”

Dash Express 8” Waffle Maker

Cooking a quick breakfast for 1 to 4 people is no easy task. Most of the time it takes too long, uses too much energy, and causes a mess in the kitchen.

It is designed for making delicious waffles and paninis at home or on the go. This PFOA free waffle maker is one of the best in the market. It’s compact, portable and makes perfect four share size portions for any sized appetite.

Whether you are looking for a quick meal without the hassle of cleanup or just wanting to create your own tasty treats, this machine will have you covered from morning to night.

It heats up quickly and makes delicious waffles in just 4 simple steps.

Its sleek design and trendy color options will match any kitchen décor and its nonstick heating plates ensure an even cook for consistent results.

The dual non-stick coating allows you to cook eggs or hash browns right on top of your waffles! Easy cleanup with no leftover batter stuck on the plates!


  • Professional Commercial Grade Waffle Maker
  • Perfect for hash browns, french toast, quesadillas, and more
  • Makes 4 Share-Size Waffles
  • Non-stick cooking plates
  • Quick and easy cleanup


  • There is no different plates for paninis or hashbrowns
  • No on/off buttons

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4. Cuisinart Vertical Silver

Cuisinart Waffle Maker

It can be tough to make a waffle that is both tasty and visually appealing.

Cuisinart’s vertical waffle maker is designed to make it easier than ever to make perfectly shaped, deliciously golden-brown Belgian waffles every time.

All you have to do is add batter, press the lever down and in less than five minutes, you’ll have a hot breakfast ready to serve up on a plate.

Cuisinart’s vertical waffle maker is ideal for making yeast-raised waffles. The vertical design evenly distributes the batter and ensures consistent baking throughout the entire waffle, while the indicator lights and audible alert let you know when to add the batter and when your waffles are ready to eat.

The locking handle will keep your kitchen counter safe from spills as you pour delicious batter into the vertical waffle maker. This Cuisinart appliance features a five-setting browning control knob that lets you choose your desired level of doneness.

The locking handle on this Cuisinart waffle maker makes it easy to open or close. The nonstick plates make it easy to remove waffles without an issue and allow for easy cleaning. That’s why it is in our list of best non-toxic waffle makers.


  • Bakes perfect waffles quickly and evenly.
  • The vertical design evenly distributes the batter for consistent waffles.
  • The nonstick coated plates are easy to clean.
  • The audible alert signals when the waffle maker is ready to bake or eat


  • Plates can not be removed
  • Gets hot outside

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5. Flip Belgian Rotating

Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

Waffles are a delicious, crispy breakfast that can be enjoyed any time of day.

But cooking waffles at home is a mess and a hassle! How many have ruined their waffle maker with burnt batter, or worse yet, eat an ‘undercooked’ waffle?

With the Flip Belgian waffle maker, you can enjoy the crispiest and tastiest waffles without the hassle. You can even set it to cook while you shower!

The Flip Belgian waffle maker is a new and innovative product designed to make the waffle-making process easy and quick. The Flip Belgian waffle maker has two plates that are non-stick, making it very easy to clean up after use.

They also rotate 180 degrees so you can easily put down batter or remove your waffles from the iron without having to worry about getting burnt.

The smart LCD timer shows real-time status so you’ll know when it’s preheated and ready to bake.

It allows for 6 different baking time settings, so you can cook your waffles to your desired taste.


  • The smart LCD timer shows real-time status
  • Allows for 6 different baking time settings
  • The Flip Belgian Waffle Maker is easy to use
  • Non-stick plates rotate 180 degrees


  • The machine can be a bit bulky
  • No adjustable temperature setting

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6. Breville BWM520XL

Breville BWM520XL Waffle maker

You’re about to break your teeth with these burnt waffles. Drowning in maple syrup and butter, you’re getting frustrated and want to throw your delicious, almost-done waffles in the trash because it’s such a hassle to clean up the mess. How stressful!

Don’t do it! First of all, If making a great waffle is your goal, Breville has you covered. Not only does it bake perfect golden-brown waffles every time, but it’s also dishwasher safe and super easy to use.

The Pro Even-Heat Technology ensures light and fluffy waffles every time with no worries of over-browning. And the new Browning Control Dial with 7 color settings means you can make your perfect waffle, every time.

With the no-mess moat around the entire grid surface, there’s less of a mess to clean up too.

One of the main features of this product is its die-cast aluminum plates, which get heated up easily and evenly.

It also has a secure lock lid so that the waffles don’t get overcooked in the process. The indicator lights help you know when it’s ready for use and when it needs re-heating.


  • The non-stick coating is PFOA-free and backed by a year guarantee.
  • You can’t beat the versatility of 7 cooking settings for all your needs.
  • Get the perfect doneness with the Browning control dial.
  • Once you’re done with sauteing or browning the Moat will then capture all the spills and splatters.


  • Can’t be flipped all the way for easy cleaning
  • The beep sound is quite low to hear sometimes

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7. Hamilton Beach Belgian-Style

Hamilton Beach Belgian-Style Waffle Maker

Making the perfect waffle has always taken time and skill. And it’s not easy just to find a decent waffle maker, there are so many options.

With the Hamilton Beach flip waffle maker, you can get perfect waffles every single time without spending half of your day in front of an appliance! It’s easy to store in cabinets or on your countertop.

The lid is removable for an easy cleanup and the plates are dishwasher safe. There are no tricky levers or dials to deal with.

The nonstick plates make removing your waffles a breeze, and cleanup is easier than ever! It also has a cool-touch handle and an adjustable thermostat for light or dark Belgian waffles.

The adjustable browning control ensures that you make waffles just the way you like them. They also have an on and ready light that lets you know when your pan has reached the perfect temperature for cooking.

The advanced heating technology ensures even cooking for crispy browned waffles that are never overdone.


  • Convenient ON/OFF indicator light
  • Easy to clean and store away
  • The cool touch and easy flip handle makes the product convenient to use
  • The drip tray catches excess batter


  • Not easy to clean

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8. REDMOND Belgian

REDMOND Belgian Waffle Maker

Whether it’s a quick breakfast before school or a Sunday brunch to get together with friends, everyone loves waffles! If you are looking for a great gift for someone special or a new kitchen appliance for yourself, this is it.

The REDMOND Belgian waffle maker is a 4 Square powerful waffle iron in 4-5 minutes. Its 1300W heating system ensures that even the thickest batter will cook perfectly and the temperature preheating indicator makes it easy to check whether your waffle maker is ready for baking or not.

The non-stick coating on the outside of the machine prevents any excess batter from getting stuck, making cleanup quick and easy.

The secret behind REDMOND Belgian waffle maker’s delicious waffles is in its double-side evenly heating system, which allows for cooking waffles evenly on both sides without having to flip them over during cooking.

This means that your waffles come out perfectly cooked every time!

The handle is designed to stay cool even when the lid is open. This makes it safe, so you don’t have to worry about getting burned.


  • The machine is easy to operate, simple and convenient
  • The handles are cool touch so that your hands will not be burned, which makes it safer
  • If you need to catch any excess batter, the lid has a special design to do so.
  • Quick heating system


  • Not many buttons to operate it easily
  • There is a timer instead of the temperature control knob

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9. Metine Belgian

Metine Belgian Waffle Maker

Waffle makers can be difficult to use, especially for someone who has never made waffles before. They take time to heat up, they don’t always cook evenly and the cleanup process can be frustrating.

Metine Belgian waffle maker makes delicious homemade Belgian-style waffles in minutes with no mess or hassle! The nonstick ceramic coating ensures even heat distribution so you’ll get perfectly golden browned edges every time!

Plus the flip design allows you to easily remove your cooked treats from the machine without making a big mess – simply pop them out like an oven tray!

No more scrubbing stuck on batter off your machine either – wipe clean with a damp cloth when you’re done! And because they designed Metine Belgian waffle maker with a thin and lightweight design, you can easily store it away when not in use.

It offers double-sided LED indicators, an adjustable temperature control button, and a sleek design. Plus, it comes with a green temperature indicator on the back so you can always keep track of your cooking progress.

With its simple controls and easy-to-use design, the Metine Belgian waffle maker is the perfect way to create delicious waffles in minutes.


  • The waffle maker is easy to use
  • It cooks 4 waffles evenly
  • The waffle maker has double-sided LED indicators


  • Takes time to clean

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10. Building Brick Electric

Building Brick Electric Waffle Maker

Most waffle makers take up a lot of space and get too hot on the outside making them dangerous for kids.

They also don’t make fun shapes like LEGO bricks or other building blocks. You can only make boring square-shaped waffles with traditional machines.

The Building Brick electric waffle maker makes 14 unique brick-shaped waffles in a matter of minutes! It’s a great way to have your kids eat their vegetables at breakfast time by making LEGO style green eggs and ham or fruit-flavored bricks and mortar!

This is the best gift you can give any kid who loves LEGOs, cities, houses, etc!

Your kids will love this novelty kitchen toy as much as you do! It’s more than just an awesome new way to cook; it’s a creative construction set that doubles as an easy-to-use appliance so every member of your family can build, cook and eat!

The plates are made from non-stick material so cleanup is a breeze too. You can even wash them by hand if you prefer not to put them in the dishwasher.

Most waffle makers take up a lot of space and get too hot on the outside making them dangerous for kids. But Building Brick electric waffle maker is a fun and safe way for kids to have their very own brick-shaped waffles that they can decorate with their own favorite toppings!

Plus it is easy enough to use that even adults can enjoy making and eating these tasty treats too.


  • It makes 14 unique brick-shaped waffles
  • The cleanup process is easy
  • The plates are made from non-stick material
  • It


  • It takes a long time to cook the waffles
  • Not recommended of you are looking for Belgian waffles

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What To Consider Before Purchase

Buying Guide For non toxic waffle maker

A non toxic waffle maker should be lightweight and small, easy to use and store after using, and free of materials like PFOA and PTFE or Teflon. Other factors that make it the most versatile is given below:

Heat distribution

Your choice one should have an even heat distribution so that the waffles are cooked evenly and thoroughly.

Otherwise, the edges may be undercooked while the middle part has a raw texture. This defeats the purpose of having a waffle and it will just be an inedible mess.


A non-stick coating is needed because it prevents the batter from sticking to it and makes cleaning much easier.

If you have used metal or plastic utensils then there will be scratches on the surface which lead to further wastage of batter while cooking. Some pans come with a particular coating while some require a pre-application before using them for first time.


Your teflon-free waffle maker need not necessarily be large, if you love having one or two waffles at a time then there are a number of mini or compact waffle makers in the market.

These occupy very less counter space and some even come with a storage case. So, if you are looking for a small appliance then go for it.

Flip design:

Toasts should be evenly cooked so that the inside is soft and steaming while the edges are crisp. Waffles should have even browning throughout without overcooking it.

All these features can be achieved to some extent with manual waffle makers but if you want convenience then go for an automatic one which does all this work for you.

Ease of use and cleaning

Almost all waffle makers are easy to use but some come with more complicated instructions. This one also is easy to use and does not require too much time or effort in making the perfect waffles. It should be easy to clean and if it has removable plates then it becomes even easier.

Some non-stick plates can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth while some may need an additional rinse. If you are not too comfortable using the dishwasher then go for one which is easy to clean by hand.


These should be safe for use in the kitchen and there should be no chance of them chipping or breaking. The non-stick coating should be food grade and free of harmful chemicals.

It is also important to look for the UL or ETL safety certification to ensure that it has been tested and found to be safe.

Temperature Control Settings:

A pfoa free waffle maker should have multiple settings for temperature control so that the batter is not pre-heated immediately.

The ideal temperature varies according to the thickness of batter or type of recipe used and hence, an adjustable feature becomes very important. This allows you to cook your batter perfectly without burning it.


If you are looking for a hands-free cooking experience then go for a pfoa free waffle maker which has a timer.

This way, you can put the ingredients in and set the timer according to the recipe and go do something else. Once it is done, the alarm will sound and you can take it out of the oven.

Auto shut off:

A non-toxic waffle maker should have an auto shut-off feature so that if it is left on for too long or there is a hazard like a fire, it will automatically turn off. This prevents any accident from happening and keeps your kitchen safe.

PFOA and PTFE free waffle maker:

Non-stick coating is not recommended for everyday use because of the PFOA and PTFE chemicals that come with it. These are harmful to human health and can also cause infertility in men.

Hence, make sure that you selected one has a PTFE and PFOA-free coating. In other words, you should get a Teflon-free waffle maker so that you are not exposed to these harmful chemicals.

Appearance (Heavy-Duty or Lightweight, Easy to store)

Waffle makers are usually small appliances that are placed on the kitchen countertop or can be stored in a cabinet. The sleek design makes it easy to store while some have a clip-on feature that allows you to attach them with cabinets. Heavy-duty waffle makers are ideal for commercial use but there are also lighter versions that work perfectly for personal use.

A nontoxic waffle maker is one which has an appearance that fits your kitchen. You can go for different colors or finishes depending on the theme of your home. If you are not too keen on the looks then consider its weight, compactness, and storage capacity. This way it will occupy less counter space and is easy to store in a small cabinet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions that people ask about non-toxic waffle makers:

Are Waffle Makers Coated with Teflon?

Ans: Most waffle makers are coated with Teflon which contains harmful chemicals like PFOA and PTFE. These chemicals can be harmful to human health and should be avoided. So it is important to choose a non-teflon coated waffle maker that is free of these harmful chemicals.

Is Teflon a Health Risk?

The jury is still out on whether or not Teflon is a health risk. Some studies have shown that chemicals in Teflon can leach into food and cause health problems, while other studies have found no evidence of ill effects from Teflon cookware. Until more research is done, it’s best to use carefully.

What setting should be used to prevent waffles from getting overbooked?

The setting that should be used to prevent waffles from getting overbooked is to set a maximum number of waffles that can be made at one time. This will ensure that there are not too many waffles being made and that they are all cooked evenly.

Is the Oster Diamond Force Waffle Maker Safe?

Ans: Oster Diamond Force pfoa free waffle maker uses a cool-touch handle which makes it safe to use. It also has a stainless steel exterior which makes it easy to clean. It is ideal for use in conventional ovens or microwaves.

How Do You Make Waffles Without Teflon?

Ans: If you are looking to make non-toxic waffles then look for a teflon free waffle maker. You can use a cast iron griddle or a silicone baking mat to make your waffles. These alternatives are safe to use and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Are Ceramic Coated Pans Safe?

Ans: Ceramic coated pans generally use titanium or cast iron which is safe to use. However, the outer coating often contains chemicals like PFOA and PTFE which are harmful to human health. It is important to go for a ceramic-coated pan that is free of these chemicals.


There are many factors to consider when looking for the best non-toxic waffle maker. Some of the most important ones include: whether it has a timer, auto shut off and is PFOA or PTFE free (non-stick coating).

If you want an appearance that fits your kitchen, then choose from different colors and finishes available on offer.

And if storage space is at a premium in your home, especially if you live in a small quarter, look into how easy it will be to store this appliance after purchase.

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