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Customized Software Development

Customized software is one that is specially designed to improve the productivity of a business by fulfilling the needs of a specific user or business or organization. In contrast to general business management software, custom software like blinds quotation software would help businesses like window blinds business while automating everyday tasks.Abir IT Limited successfully completed lot of customize software--POS,Inventory,Accounts,purchase,commercial and others

Our Development languages, Development IDE & Databases : Oracle Apex, PHP ,Laravel , codeigniter , python tkinter , Django, , Oracle Database( 18c,19c,21c) , mysql , postgresql , MongoDB , sqlite

Mobile Apps Development

The mobile applications are developed and designed for different sorts of operating systems that can run on mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet computer. Developing a mobile app involves different sorts of working processes from creating to testing and publishing. While doing the software development, it requires codding, implementing backend services such as data access with an API, and testing the apps for the targeted audience and operating system

Different kinds of platforms are available in the apps or software development sector. In the case of mobile applications development, there are two dominant Android and iOS platforms in the modern mobile phones market.We are developing our mobile apps in react native or flutter both language supported android and iOS platforms that is a especial capability of ABIR IT LIMITED.

Our Development languages, Development IDE & Databases : React Native , Flutter , Android Studio, mysql , postgresql , MongoDB , sqlite

Website and Web App Development

All time we are trying to understand the objectives and requirements of our client and focus on client requirements .Our web team are so professional in design and development of website and web appsWe are all time incorporated latest technology for web development . Our languages ,server ,database & frameworks are :

PHP,Node js, Expess , React js , Laravel , codeigniter , Django, mysql , postgresql , MongoDB , sqlite

IT Consulting

Our clients face many kind of challenges when operating their business trying to identify appropriate ways to run process, reduce operating costs and maintain profitability in face of problematic situation we help to finding ways out to reduce process duration, respond effectively to increased and advance market demand and technology trends and find solutions

Networking & Hardware

Our Srvices :

Hardware setup & Maintenance

Network Setup & Maintenance

Mail server setup, Configure

Manage protection from viruses

Implement the policies for the computer system and network