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Thinking about bread the first thing that comes into our mind is a fluffy piece of loaf that adds up pleasurable value to us. 

Well, whatever we want to eat must be healthy. We must be conscious of choosing our foods. In this term, for people who eat bread on a regular basis Sprouted Grain Bread is a very good option for them. 

Sprouted Grain Bread has more nutritive value than others. Besides, this bread is easier to digest and the huge consumption of this bread doesn’t harm.

It will surely be a great option for us if we get to have the Sprouted Grain Bread recipe to make at home. Here, you are going to have the quick and easy recipe for Sprouted Grain Bread.

So, without further due, straightly let’s get into the recipe. 

Recipe 1: Easiest Sprouted Grain Recipe

Easiest Sprouted Grain Recipe


Hot Water, Honey, Yeast, Salt, White Wheat Kernels, Red Wheat Kernels, Flour, Avocado Oil, Egg.

Preparation Time:

10 minutes.

Approximate Time To Bake:

40-60 minutes.

How To Make:

  • Step 1: For this recipe, you can use direct wheat flour bought from the grocery store or you can make it on your own. To make on your own, take 4 cups of Wheat Kernels. It will be 2 cups of White wheat Kernels and 2 cups of Red Wheat Kernels. Put them all together in a bowl and pour water in the bowl. The water should be filled in with 2 inches thickness on the kernels. Let them soak overnight. 
  • Step 2: By the next day, you can see the Kernels become bubbled up and larger. Now, drain the water from the Kernels with the help of a Strainer. And fill the bowl again with some freshwater.  And let again to soak until the sprouts come up.
  • Step 3: When you can come to see the sprouts. Drain the water and let the kernels dry. After drying up you can crush the kernels into the flour with the help of a grinder or mixer. Now, you are ready to go with the Wheat Flour.
  • Step 4: In a mug, take 300ml of Hot Water, add 1 tbsp. of Honey and 2 and a ½ tsp. of activated Yeast in the mug. Mix well and let keep aside for 15 minutes. You will see the fluffy mixture growing up by this time.
  • Step 5: Now, in your mixing machine’s bowl pour the grounded Wheat Flour, add 1 and a ½ tsp. of Salt, 1 tbsp. of Avocado Oil in it. Beat 1 egg and add in it. Also do add the yeast mixture now. 

Add some water. Turn on the mixture and mix well. It will take a little time, wait until the mixture becomes a dough ball.

  • Step 6: Add some more wheat flour if it’s needed. It’s ok to add Wheat Flour by the process.
  • Step 7: The dough becomes perfect when it doesn’t tend to stick in. After the dough is done, take it out. Give it a little hand squash and cut into halves. Spread each of the dough by hands to lighten up the thickness of it. After that, fold the spread dough thrice and place it into Cast Iron Cans. You can use any bread can you want. 

Now, cover the cans and let the dough become fluffy and bigger. 

  • Step 8: After that, place the cans into the oven and bake at 350 degrees. After baking, do not slice the loaf immediately. Wait at least for 15 minutes and let the loaves cool down. After the loaves get cooled you can slice up and eat in your preferable way. You can also store the bread in a bread box or you can freeze it as well to store.
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Recipe 2: Homemade Sprouted Grain Recipe

Homemade Sprouted Grain Recipe


Wheat Berries, Water, Cinnamon Powder, Salt. 

Preparation Time:

10 minutes.

Approximate Time To Bake:

1-1.5 hours.

How To Make:

  • Step 1: Take 500 grams of Wheat Berries in a bowl and fill in with water. Let the Wheat Berries soak for a day. The next day, drain the Wheat Berries and you will see that they have grown to a bigger size. Again fill in the bowl with fresh water and let it soak for another day.  
  • Step 2: By this time, you will see the sprouts have come out. Now your Wheat Berries are perfect to ground. Rinse them and put them all in a Food Processor or a Grinder. Add a ½ tsp. of Cinnamon Powder, 1 tsp. of Salt and ¾ cup of Water in it. Mix all the ingredients well in the food processor or grinder whatever you are using.
  • Step 3: After grinding, you will get a paste out of it. Check if the paste is smooth enough or not. Grind until you get it perfect. Now, place a parchment paper on your baking can or oil your baking can and pour the wheat paste into it. Spread the paste inside the can properly with the help of a Spoon or Spatula.
  • Step 4: Now, place the can in the oven. Bake for 1 hour at 150 degrees Celsius. After completing baking, take out the can and place the Loaf from the paper to a plate. Let it cool down. After cooling down, slice up the loaf into pieces.  Now, your Sprouted Grain Bread is ready to consume. 

You can have it with nut butter or any kind of butter you want. Many people like to have it with Nutella.

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