Texas Waffle Maker Review (Is It Worth Buying?)

If you are in love with waffles and the state of Texas, then you probably have the best texas waffle maker in your home. If not, you should definitely buy to show your Texas spirit.

The Texas waffle maker is not only for show and tell. You can make delicious, fluffy waffles in the shape of the state of Texas. As a patriot, you will not only show your love and support, but you will also enjoy waffles for breakfast.

The waffle maker is packed with great features. Its pros and cons are not only limited to the shape and love for the state of Texas. It has all the qualities a waffle maker should have and much more.

Texas Waffle Maker Revies

Texas Shaped Waffle Maker Review

You might be thinking about purchasing a Texas waffle maker but are hesitant about spending money. As a consumer myself, I am aware that this is an understandable, typical behavior. So, before you take out your wallet, here is a thorough overview of why you should buy this waffle maker.

Apart from the Texas waffle shape, the other impressive features that I like to call the Three T’s will make you want to say: “Take my money!”.

The Three T’s

Texas Spirit, Texas Waffles, and Texas Quality partner up to make this waffle maker special.

Texas Spirit

The packing represents the Texas spirit. The font, flag colors of the box, and the sheriff’s badge will remind you of the wild west. All of this will make you say “Yee-Haw!” when you prepare your first waffle.

Texas Belgian Waffles

The Texas waffle maker makes Belgian waffles with deep pockets. This is a notable feature because most of the other shaped waffle makers don’t make Belgian waffles, and they usually come out flat.

Texas Quality

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and it is true. Not only is the size of the waffle plates 8-1/4, but it is also non-stick and easy to clean. The exterior is stainless steel and durable. It also has a ready light indicator to tell when the waffles are ready.

Texas Shaped Waffle Maker Pros and Cons

If the Three T’s are not enough for your wild west spirit to kick in yet, why don’t you read about the advantages and disadvantages? Spoiler alert, this kitchen appliance does have a few drawbacks, but the pros greatly outweigh the cons.


  1. Even though the waffler maker doesn’t rotate, many customers say that they can cook waffles evenly.
  2. Perfect Texas state shape Belgian waffles, crispy and fluffy.
  3. The non-stick surface works well, and it is easy to clean the plates.
  4. The iron plates heat up quickly.
  5. A crowd-pleaser.


  1. The waffle maker does not rotate.
  2. It has a single temperature setting, so you can’t adjust how brown you want the waffles to come out.
  3. There is no timer, but it does have a light indicator.
  4. Plates are not removable.

What Customers Are Saying About Texas Waffle maker

There are a lot of positive reviews about this product. A quick google search will direct you to the Texas waffle maker product sold on Amazon, where you can see that customers have given a 4.8 out of 5 stars.

To break it down further, they have provided separate ratings on the percentage reviews they have received per star. So, 86% positive ratings are for the 5-star review, and for 1 star, this product has received a 1% rating.

Many customers claim that the Texas waffle maker is easy to clean and use, with a combined average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Related FAQS

Does it rotate?

No, the Texas waffle maker does not rotate.

Does it cook waffles evenly?

Yes, it does. The end result is a perfect Texas state-shaped waffle, evenly cooked.

How to wash the iron plates?

The iron plates are non-stick, so let the waffle maker cool down and simply wipe the plates clean with a dry cloth. Use can use a brush to remove any particles stuck in the tight spaces.

Are the iron plates removable?

No, the plates are not removable.

Is there any timer?

The Texas waffle maker does not have a timer, but it comes with a light indicator that turns off when the waffles are cooked.


Enjoy delicious Belgian-style crisp and fluffy waffles and show your love and gratitude for your state by having these Texas-shaped waffles on Texas Independence Day. If you want to make crispy Belgian Waffles. you can check our article on Top Belgian Waffle Maker in the market.

Remember to go through the pros and cons and read the customer reviews on Amazon to have a complete idea of what you will buy.

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