Waffle Cone vs Sugar Cone (Which cone is the Best?)

When I first heard about sugar cones, I assumed it would be a sweet crispy cone with sugar as a primary ingredient or a cone covered in white or brown sugar from all sides.

Assuming that a waffle cone and a sugar cone are the same is an honest mistake. A quick glance at both the cones, and you won’t see much of a difference. However, they are not the same, and it is time to learn how to tell both the ice cream cones apart.

I quickly understood how a sugar cone is different from a waffle cone. The size matters; sugar cones are slightly small and a bit sturdy. The batter is also distinct. Depending on your preference, you may choose any one of the ice cream cones you want. Both the cones have their advantages and disadvantages.

Waffle Cone vs Sugar Cone

All About Waffle Cones

In my opinion, waffles cones are the traditional ice cream cones. The majority of the ice cream shops have queued waffles cones on their countertop as a customer attraction.  You can make perfect waffle cones with a perfect waffle cone maker.


Waffles cones are made from waffle batter and cooked in a waffle maker. They are rolled in the shape of a cone using a cone roller. If you look at the size, these ice cones are large and have a wide opening. This ice cream is an excellent preference if you want to have a giant scoop of ice cream with delicious toppings. The end of the waffle cone has a pointed shape so that the ice cream does not melt from the bottom.


All of the waffle cones have squared markings on them. They appear because of the waffle maker grids. These grids have square pockets, but they will not be as deep as a traditional waffle. If you see a cone without the design, this means it has been cooked without a waffle maker, perhaps on a frying pan or baked in an oven.


Waffle cones are crunchy and brown. The taste of the cone could be plain, may have a vanilla essence, or a hint of cinnamon. However, many companies are now producing flavored waffles. Don’t mistake the flavored waffles for sugar cones.


1.) They are big and can hold more ice cream and topping without fear of spilling.

2.) They are crunchy and not very hard to bite.

3.) You can choose from a variety of different flavors


1.) You can’t savor the waffle ice cream because it tends to become soggy.

All About Sugar cones

If you have a sweet tooth, you should go for a sugar cone ice cream. Many mistake sugar cones with waffles cones because of how similar they look. So before you place your order, clarify that you want a sugar ice cream cone.


They have a dark color and are round in shape. It is round from the top, perfect for stacking scoops on ice cream. Sugar cones are also closed from the end but are flat, not pointed like waffle cones.

Sugar cones are smaller in size, but they are sturdy and crunchy and aren’t soggy like waffle cones. But with every bite, you break a piece of the cone off. So you have to be careful that the ice cream doesn’t fall out. Start with the ice cream before making your way to the cone.


The pattern of the sugar cone is similar to a waffle cone. So, keep an eye on the shape to avoid confusing one for the other.


Sugar cones are sweeter than waffle cones and are made using brown sugar.


1.) Sugar cones are sturdy. You can enjoy your ice cream without fear of the cone becoming soggy.

2.) With a round flat top, you can stack scoops of ice creams.

3.) They are more crunchy than waffle cones.


1.) Due to the solid texture, the sugar cone can break easily when you bite into it. So be careful that your ice cream doesn’t fall.

2.) It is small in size, accommodating less ice cream compared to a waffle cone.

All About Cake Cone

Another ice cream cone I want to introduce is the cake or wafer cone. If you are in the mood for ice cream but are looking for a taste, you should have a cake ice cream cone.


The cake cone is not an actual cone. It resembles a small cup with a flat base. It doesn’t need any support for balance and can be placed on any flat surface. It is small in size, and you won’t get much ice cream compared to the waffle and sugar cones.


They are light in color and weight and crispy but not very crunchy. You can easily bite into a cake cone. The cones are not very sturdy, but you can enjoy your ice cream in peace and finish it before it becomes soggy.


The taste is that of a regular wafer and is not sweet. When you take a bite, try to partner the ice cream with the cone. If you finish your ice cream first, you will end up with a cone, and it may seem bland without the ice cream.


1.) The shape of the cake cone makes it easy for kids to handle.

2.) Ice cream doesn’t leak from the bottom.

3.) It is light and crispy.


1.) It is small in size, and you won’t get much ice cream.

2.) The cone by itself may taste flavorless.

Waffle cone vs Sugar cone vs Cake Cone (Which cone is the Best?)

Well, it all depends on your preference. Each of these cones has its own taste, texture, design, pros, and cons making it hard to select a winner.

If you love sweet and don’t mind getting a good piece of a cone chunk in your mouth, go with sugar cones. Waffle cones are great if you want more ice cream. If you are only in the mood for ice cream and don’t want the cone, then the cake cone is a perfect choice.

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