Where Can I Buy The Waffle Maker That Waffle House Uses And Sell!

Waffle House is an American restaurant chain founded in September 1995. They pride themselves on their breakfast waffles available throughout the day.

If you enjoy having waffles for breakfast, you would probably want to replicate their waffles at home, using the Waffle House’s very own waffle mix available from their website. With the waffle mix, you are close to making a delicious Waffle House waffle at home, but you need one more thing, the Wells WB-1E series waffle maker. Wells is a heavy-duty kitchen appliance used by the Waffle House. You can recreate the waffles using the waffle makers for home use, but the result will not be the same.

Keep on reading if you want to know more about this commercial waffle maker and from where you can purchase one.

where can i buy the waffle maker that waffle house and for sell

About Wells WB-1E Commercial Waffle Maker

WB-1E commercial waffle maker

Going to Wells’s official website, you won’t find any reviews there, but they have provided a complete overview of their product. They have mentioned the specifications, the standard features, the specs sheet, and the owner’s manual for download.

It may not be a wise choice to buy this waffle maker. The Wells WB-1E is a commercial waffle maker specifically manufactured and sold for commercial use only. It is not intended for home use and will void the warranty. But if you love Waffle House waffles and are convinced that you can only reproduce it if you have this waffle maker, then be ready to invest more than $1000. Yes, that’s how expensive this commercial waffle maker is.

Below is a summarized form, listing the features and specifications of this model.

Features and Specifications

1.) Digital timer and temperature control for different cooking cycles and waffle batters.

2.) 7″ inch cast aluminum grids.

3.) Heavy-duty stainless-steel body for easy cleaning, durability, and long life.

4.) Alarm to sound when the waffles are ready.

5.) Light indicators.

6.) Drip tray

Why is Wells WB-1E Waffle Maker So Expensive?

Honestly, there isn’t much to go on, so it is difficult to understand and pinpoint the exact reason why Wells is selling the waffle maker at such a high cost.

One can assume it is most probably because of the quality of the waffle maker. The parts used in the manufacturing of this commercial appliance can be rated as Grade A, guaranteeing a long-life span of the product. During breakfast rush hour, the waffle maker will be in continuous operation, with little or no rest time between waffle cooking. Waffle makers for residential use are not designed to be operated in this way. Preparing a few batches on the weekend or okay, but you can expect it to run for hours every day and pray the machinery does not heat up.

Another reason is the floating hinge mechanism. As the waffle batter expands during cooking, the upper grid rises along, ensuring that the waffles turn out to be the proper size and are fluffy. All of this is to make the waffles appealing.

For this reason, the parts used in the Wells WB-1E waffle maker make it so expensive.

Where can I Buy Wells WB-1E Waffle Maker?

The Waffle House has a shop page on their website, but unfortunately, they don’t sell the Wells WB-1E waffle maker. It’s obvious they wouldn’t market it as it is a restaurant and not a manufacturing company. However, they are selling their waffle mix, so one would assume that they might also deal in their heavy-duty waffle maker or hope that they would.

Not to worry, there are other places where you can buy the Wells WB-1E waffle maker. A quick search on Google will show you two popular sites to purchase the waffle maker, eBay, and Amazon, along with other eCommerce stores. However, on their website, they have provided the names of their Click & Brick dealers from whom you can purchase the waffle maker online or search for a local dealer.

Since you probably know about eBay, Amazon, and other popular shopping sites, let’s look at how to buy the Wells waffle maker from their authorized online and local dealers.

Direct from Amazon

You can buy from direct Amazon without hassle. They are official. You don’t have to worry. You will get the acttual product Wells WB-1E waffle maker.

Online Dealers

For online dealers, it is a simple process. Go to the Wells website and search for the WB-1E waffle maker. Click the BUY NOW that will show the list of online dealers.

There are 4 dealers from whom you can purchase the waffle maker online.

1.) Singer

2.) ACityDiscount

3.) Katom

4.) Dubick

5.) Missionrs

The buying process is simple. Create an account, log in, click the add to cart button and make the online purchase.

Local Dealers

Click on the Find A Dealer button. It will redirect you to a map page, where you need to enter the following information.

1.) Country

2.) City or zip code

The search will filter and display the inventory of dealers located near you. From the list, you can decide the dealer you want to visit.

How To Make Waffle House Waffles At Home?

There is no need to prepare the waffle batter from scratch if you desire to replicate the Waffle House waffles at home. An easy way is to purchase the Waffle House original waffle mix from their website. Here is our guide to choosing the best waffle mix brand.

Follow the ingredients on the box and pour the batter into the waffle maker. If you have followed the exact steps as explained, you will end with your very own homemade Waffle House waffles or similar to the original taste.

You can also prepare the waffle batter from scratch by following our article. Making Waffle battter!


You can easily purchase a Wells WB-1E waffle maker online or at local dealers. However, you should be ready to bear the cost of the waffle maker and keep in mind that the warranty will not cover residential use.

There are a few alternative options as well. Buy the Waffle House mix and a good waffle maker for home use or go to Waffle House and enjoy those crispy and fluffy waffles on weekends.

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